Sony CDP-CE375


A 5CD carousel player

Even though it’s the mp3 era, as well as the time when people choose to download rather than buy CDs, there still are people that buy media players. Due to this fact, today we are going to review and test Sony CDP-CE375, a media player released by Sony, which is rumored to be more of a failure rather than a good product Sony has used us with.

Compatible with CD-RWs

Sony-CDP-CE375Basically, Sony CDP-CE375 is a 5-disc carousel CD changer that is compatible with several types of CDs. From CDs to CD-RWs, all of them are compatible and will be read by CDP-CE375 player. As well, the CD player comes equipped with headphones, but they are totally useless if you ask me. After all, who is using headphones at his media player, nowadays?

As concerning its sizes, Sony CE375 is quite small: its official measures are 20 x 19 x 8 inches, and it weighs 11.4 pounds.

Compatibility problems

Now, just in the moment when we turned it on for the test, even though the CD was inserted in, the control panel didn’t detect it. We had to turn off and turn on again the player in order to make it work. Although this flaw might not be present at all the Sony CDP-CE375, we can’t just forget it, as the same flaw has been reported by many users. I don’t know about you, but if you ask us, Sony isn’t quite a company that affords to make these kind of mistakes, isn’t it?

Further more, we can’t say anything bad about it. The delivered quality is the same as the quality Sony has used us with: clear sound with no flaws.

New features was introduced

Still, we must mention at least some of the features that this model comes equipped with. Even if it might take a while for the customers to get used with them, they worth it. For instance, Sony has introduced a new feature related to the disk changer: now, it is possible to change the order of the CDs from inside the media player, even if one of them is running. We don’t know if you remember, but some time ago, some of the major Sony flaws were related to the disc changing feature: after a while, the players wouldn’t run no more, and the disks would just change continuously without delivering anything. Sony has fixed this feature, and not only that, as it has improved it too.

Hybrid Pulse DAC technology

Another feature is the Hybrid Pulse DAC, feature that sends an equal and continuous current source, fact that delivers a high sound quality, with no interruptions or external noises on the CD.

Review conclusion

That said, Sony CDP-CE375 is a pretty good media player, if you have the luck to get a copy that doesn’t come with native flaws. If you are looking for a media player and you thought at this model, after this review, we highly recommend to test it, rather than buy it online, just in order to avoid some unpleasant problems.

Technical specifications

Connectors / Optical Digital OutputYes
CD Text:Information Not Available
Dimensions:43.0 (W) x 11.0 (H) x 40.0 (D) cm
Audio Input:None
General System Features:Random Play
Height:10.5 cm
Headphone / Headset Jack:Yes
Included In Box:Remote, Batteries, Cord, Manual
Keyboard Included:No
Width:43 cm
Product Line:Sony CDP
Media Supported:Audio CD
Sound Output Mode:Stereo
Motorized Door:Info Not Available
Information Not Available
Disc Mechanism:5-Disc Carousel
Optical Output:Yes
PC Keyboard Input:No
Play Exchange:Yes
Weight:5.1 kg
Depth:39.8 cm
Packaged Quantity:1
Remote Control Type:Universal Remote
System / CD Changer Capacity:5
CD System Load Type:Store Circular
Audio System / Functions (KA):CD changer
Audio System / Subcategory (KA):Audio components
Track Naming:No
Turntable Type:Not available
DVD Player Type:No
Audio System Type:CD changer
Weight:5 kg
Audio Output Type:None (e)