Sony Bravia KDL55HX820


A 55 inch 3D LED TV

We may be late with our review of the Sony Bravia KDL55HX820, considering it was released in March this year, but better late than ever, now that we found out that it’s a TV that will bring users many pleasant surprises after pressing the button for Power and waiting for the image to make its entrance. Like ourselves during our test, you’ll be amazed by the quality, features and what this device can do to keep you in a good mood. But enough with the talk for now, it’s time to publish the results of our experiments.

OptiContrast technology

The Sony Bravia KDL55HX820 and its design are the result of very careful thinking and researching to bring customers the best in today’s terms. The monolithic looks are doubled, in order to ensure maximum of appeal, by a sheet of the already well-known Corning Gorilla Glass material that adds a lot of style to the TV and envy from your friends. The panel, called OptiContrast, was thought as a means of repelling reflections and bringing images which, when we tested the product, were very deep and immersed in considerable levels of black that produced the most impressive image quality. Sony-Bravia-KDL55HX820

We are used to seeing the Dynamic Edge LED backlighting technology on every TV and the Bravia KDL55HX820 is no stranger to this, producing contrast and details that are at once superb and very spot-on. Not to forget that this technology minds the environment and the money spent by the buyer with its drastically minimal power consumption and an Energy Saving Switch that, once in an OFF state, has the role of reducing the power produced by the standby mode a lot.

Motionflow XR 480

Starting the TV up happened much faster, 2 to 3 times faster to be correct, thanks to a feature simply known as Quick Start & Viewing. The screen is 55″ and its second technology feature is Motionflow XR 480. The device combined this and the Dynamic Edge LED backlighting and what resulted were smoothness of motion in movies with a lot of action in them, a nonexistence of blurs and very clear and sharp content comparable to Samsung and Toshiba TVs. As if that wasn’t enough, Sony’s Bravia KDL55HX820 offered an engine named X-Reality PRO that, amazingly, brought further details and sharpness and then enhanced the beauty of colors by analyzing every scene in a movie or TV show and the pixels it met in its way.

Intelligent Presence Sensor

A third technology in use by this device was Face Detection, included in the Intelligent Presence Sensor that made the product turn off of its own accord when we weren’t in the same room with it and did an adjustment of sound and images. Our friends said that this feature also did the following: warned their kids if they were standing too close to the display. Fourth place in the technology rank was occupied by the LightSensor which changed the brightness of on-screen pictures after calculating how much light was in our room.

After taking some photos with a camera and listening to some songs that we wanted to transfer to the TV, we achieved that via the device’s USB input. The KDL55HX820 has Bravia Internet Video, a way of gaining access to videos, movies and others provided by Pandora, Netflix and more through our home broadband Internet connection. Facebook and Twitter were also accessible via their respective widgets and the built-in Wi-Fi brought further options.

Review conclusion

The Sony Bravia KDL55HX820 costs between $1700-$2100 and at the end of this review we seriously think you should get one if your wallet agrees.

Technical specifications

* Panel Size: 55 inches
* Panel Technology: led-lit
* Image Contrast Ratio: Infinite
* Image Aspect Ratio: 16:9
* Panel refresh rate: 240 Hz
* Resolution: 1080p Full HD, 1980 x 1080 pixel
* Wireless BRAVIA Internet TV.