Sony Bravia KDL32BX320


A high quality Sony Bravia TV

If it comes to Bravia, then it definitely comes to high quality. To be honest with you, Sony Bravia are considered to be one of the best TVs in the world, and therefore, you realize how anxious we’ve been to test Sony’s latest model, Bravia KDL32BX320. Is it worth ? Let’s see the review ! 🙂

Just HD resolution

Sony-Bravia-KDL32BX320Launched in the very first days of 2011, Sony KDL32BX320 is a 32” screen that was meant to be used in bedrooms and in small rooms. Basically, this model shows up with five separate HD inputs, an USB slot (specially designed to support photos and mp3 files directly on the screen) and a screen that supports HD images and a resolution of 720p.

Very light weight

Measuring 3.6 x 31.5 x 19.6 inches, KDL32BX320 weighs only 20 pounds. If you ask us, it’s quite a light weight TV as it is with only 10 pounds heavier than most of the flat screen monitors. Even though the shipping package might come at a weight of 28 pounds (fact that will considerably annoy the ones that have to pay additional shipping fees), don’t worry: its real weight is of 20 pounds. Though, due to the fact that it is an expensive TV, extra safety measures must be taken at the shipment, just to ensure that it won’t happen anything bad.

Clear image provided

As concerning the quality of the image, KDL32BX320 is definitely just like the other Sony TVs from its class: images are clear, the sound is good, with no background sound or ghost images.
Though, before reviewing this TV, we read on that on HD mode, the sound quality is somewhere below worse. Therefore, we really wanted to test Sony KDL32BX320’s sound capacities in HD. Our conclusion? Nothing unusual, as the sound ran pretty well, without any disturbances.

However, at some points, and especially in dark landscapes, this TV tends to change the colors from dark black to dark gray, fact that might annoy some of the users. However, once that Blu Ray files are played, the colors come back to normal (if it comes to Sony Bravia, “normal” equals to “awesome” ).

Light Sensor Technology

One thing that we’ve been impressed of, was the Light Sensor Technology system. Basically, this feature detects the light level from the room, and adjusts automatically its level of brightness, so that the users can enjoy the high quality images Sony Bravia has used us with.

Last, but not least, another feature that deserves to be mentioned is Scene Select feature. Depending what you are about to watch (movies, concerts, cartoons), KDL32BX320 automatically adjust its settings, so you can watch and listen to your favorite shows in perfect conditions.

Review conclusions

Hopefully, this Sony Bravia KDL32BX320 test and review will help you to make a better image about this product; and in case you didn’t realize this, this model has no flaws, therefore it will definitely compete for the title of “TV Of The Year”.

Technical specifications

– Display: 81 inch diagonal
– Resolution 1366 x 768 pixels
– Tuner: DVB-T, DVB-C
Live Colour
Digital Noise Reduction
– 24p True Cinema
– Viewing angle 176 °, buying smart electronics
– Audio Power: 2 x 5 W
Dolby DigitalMore
Sleep Timer
Picture in Picture
– 2x HDMI
– 2x composite video inputs
– 1x USB2.0
– 1x Headphone