Sony Bravia KDL-55HX923


A new 55 inch 3D LED HDTV

The Sony Bravia KDL-55HX923 is yet another outstanding HD TV from Sony that excels not only in features but also in the very attractive design. The TVs set is equipped with the latest technology in order to deliver amazing picture quality not only in 2D but also 3D. The 2D image quality is definitely improved thanks to the dual-chip X-Reality Pro image processor, while fast action scenes are improved by the use of Motionflow XR 800 that allows the image to be delivered at an equivalent of 800fps. But more on the specs later, as we’ll focus in the beginning of our review on its pretty design which makes the KDL-55HX923 able to fit anywhere.

Very thin design

The TV keeps the good spirit and comes in a black, gloss finish with a brushed metal stand. There is nothing to comment on concerning its appearance; it has a huge screen, the bezel is thin and while turned off you can’t even notice it’s there. Actually, the only noticeable thing on the panel is Sony’s silver logo, keeping a clean surface. The KDL-55HX923 is Full LED backlit but even so it is incredibly thin, measuring only 3.8 cm. We have to mention here that Full LED is different in Edge LED in the sense that LEDs are now arranged behind the screen and not around the outside. The effect of this technology has good results and therefore we like it more. The display is very shiny and you shouldn’t place it facing a window, as you would only see reflections rather than the actual image.Sony-Bravia-KDL-55HX923

Connectivity is a strong point for our review model, offering the ports you need. It has four HDMI ports, SCART, VGA and a component video, two USB ports, Ethernet port, built-in WiFi, being able to cope with DLNA networks. One think we’ve always complained about with Sony TV sets is the fact that the built-in media player does not support .mkv files.

Medium image quality

We firstly tested the image quality playing a film with the default settings, the TV delivering acceptable but not amazing images. We noticed a significant difference though when we switched to “Custom” and a standard backlighting and we were more satisfied with these settings. Actually, according to what you are planning to watch you can make some settings adjustments and get the best image quality. If you watch movies for example, we noticed during the tests that when we switched the Motionflow filter to “sharp” we no longer encountered traces of ghosting or artifacts and had a better image.

As for 3D, the performance is very low. We tried out some 3D content but all we got was a headache. There was a lot of crosstalk, moving our heads amplified this effect and signals kept interfering between them. Native 3D contend was acceptable though but not outstanding, and the good part is that the TV comes with a couple of 3D glasses, which are not very cheap.

Intelligent Presence technology

A very nice and distinctive feature the Sony Bravia KDL-55HX923 has is the Intelligent Presence Sensor. What this sensor does is to scan the room and see if anyone is watching TV. If there’s no one, it automatically shuts down. It also warns you if you’re standing too close to the screen and auto adjusts the images according to your position in the room. Also, it detects the brightness levels and color temperatures and again adjusts the image quality.

The TV set comes with 3D sound which translates into a 5 channel audio effect and despite the very slim design it actually sounds good and also has good bass.

Review conclusion

There are very few things not to like with the Sony Bravia KDL-55HX923. It has a 55 inch Full LED screen with 1080p resolution, very good performance, built-in WiFi and many other useful specs which makes it a great TV to have.

Technical specifications

Display characteristics
55 ” Diagonal Screen Size (Inch)
1080p resolution
1920×1080 pixels
XR800 Hz Picture Processing
HD Ready 1080p
Intelligent Sensor
Massive Contrast Ratio
Full LED
Other Features
Invisible Speaker
USB Music Player
USB Photo Viewer
Full 3D
SKYPE Certified
BBC iPlayer
USB Media Player
S-FORCE Front Surround
WiFi Ready
Parental Lock/Parental Control
DLNA Certified
EPG (Guide Plus+)
Sleep Timer
Picture & Picture
Sound & Power Output
Invisible Speakers
Bravia Sync
Accessories Supplied
2 pairs 3D Eyewear/Glasses
4(2 side 2 bottom) x HDMI Connection/s
1(bottom) x Ethernet Connection
1(bottom) x Standard Scart Connection/s
1(bottom) x Optical Terminal Connection/s
2(side) x USB 2.0 Connection/s
1(bottom) x Component Video Connection/s
1(bottom) x Composite Video Connection/s