Sony Bravia KDL-55HX850


A high end HDTV

Sony proved that its HX850 series of HDTVs is able to deliver models that are very reliable. And which are very good-lookers. The version we tested a couple of days ago is the company’s $2,599.99 Bravia KDL-55HX850. It does not offer 3D glasses, which may very well be its biggest con. Below you will find our opinion on this HDTV.

Gorilla glass panel

The Sony Bravia 55HX850 looks very good. It features a silver trim that offers sleekness. As does the Gorilla glass. The cabinet is a slim 1.4″ one. The stand is black, but shiny. It won’t leave a deep impression and it will get dirty with fingerprints. The TV’s 47 pounds were very well supported by this stand when we rated it.

The remote measures 7.9″ and it is extremely comfortable when held. And very light. But the buttons are small and there is no illumination. Another con: the lack of a 3D key. Browsing the menu system will offer the needed adjustments for content in 3D.

Internet connectivity is possible via wireless and wired, too. There are many web services to play with.

Connectivity options are serviced by the likes of a pair of USB ports, 4 HDMI ports, 3.5mm PC audio in / out jack, an RGB (PC) video input and many more.Sony-Bravia-KDL-55HX850

Active 3D technology

The Bravia KDL-55HX850 has a wide array of picture settings. They are fun to use and respond very well. The colors that are delivered by this HDTV swim in accuracy. We enjoyed them to bits.

The darkroom calibration we did in our test finished with a not so great peak brightness: 94.82 cd/m2. Black level reading was decent, though: 0.04 cd/m2. Contrast ratio was also decent. It was saved by the product’s X-Reality Pro processing technology. The latter was responsible for lots of details and sharpness in the Cinema mode.

Active 3D technology is used on this HDTV. But you are not offered 3D glasses. The set doesn’t come with glasses. A pair usually costs $49.99. When we watched 3D content with them, picture quality was good. The kind of depth that was delivered was satisfying. Winter X Games and their snowboarders, for instance, looked very good and detailed. Snow seemed to splash us at every second. There was crosstalk in objects that had very high contrast, but it was kept at a minimum.

Energy efficient

Power consumption by the Bravia HX850 was 47W. But we registered that when we did not turn on energy saving features. So this amount is really a pro point. This model can easily receive a GreenTech stamf for being a very energy efficient set.

The kind of $2,600 expensiveness of the Sony Bravia KDL-55HX850 can easily turn potential buyers off from the very beginning. For the sake of comparison, the $1,430 Vizio M3D550KD is very cheap. Well, it is aimed at people with low budgets anyway. The LG 55LM9600 has the same size as the model we review here, but it is way cheaper. Even its performance is almost the same as the one displayed by the latest Sony HDTV. Except the contrast ratio. But the HX850 makes up for the price by delivering sharp images filled with colors that are very accurate. Its design is also great and the Gorilla glass looks very well wherever you decide to place this product.

Test conclusion

So in the end, the Bravia KDL-55HX850 will offer many moments of quality time, even if it is not the greatest HDTV in this part of the town.