Sony BDP-S780


A new Blu-ray player is here

This year Sony released its flagship Blu-ray player and called it BDP-S780. The gadget is a direct follow-up to the BDP-S770 which was a great device loved by many, but with some flaws. From what we read about this new product, we were inclined to name it one of the best all-in-one Blu-ray players out there. Still, we thought the $250 price tag was a bit too much in a world where Blu-ray devices cost below $200. We had to test the gadget and see for ourselves if it was that good or just complete rubbish.

Intuitive and easy to use menu

For starters, the Sony BDP-S780 has an elegant compact body with a minimalist look that you’ll either love or hate. The front panel is glossy black and almost completely flat; this model features all the usual buttons, ports, inputs and so on found on every Sony Blu-ray, so there’s nothing new to report here. The BDP-S780’s simple remote measures 7.2″ and is very easy to navigate; unfortunately it offers backlight only for the playback keys and the 4 buttons around the direction pad. The small buttons featured on the remote are placed in 3 main groups: the number pad sits on the top, the navigation controls below it and the playback buttons below them. Customers also have the possibility to use Sony’s free Media Remote app for iOS and Android smartphones to control everything through their Wi-Fi networks. During our tests for this review, the application in question was very functional, menu navigation was plenty intuitive and we could make use of full playback controls.Sony-BDP-S780

SACD compatible

We didn’t have problems with setting the Sony BDP-S780 up. Startup time was fast even without the quick start mode and the disc loaded very quickly. Novices should know that, in order to do the setup, they simply have to tap the display a few times and perform a quick menu set up.

When it comes to features, the BDP-S780 ships with many varied ones which will please the whole family. There’s the latest generation Super Bit Mapping for Video processor (which enhances video quality), DLNA compatibility (of great help when users want to hook up their PCs to stream music, videos and photos), the possibility to enjoy Skype-to-Skype video calls/voice calls for free by connecting a webcam, the ability to play SACD and outputs multichannel bitstream through HDMI, the option of viewing information about the cast of a movie you want to watch, a browser menu (great for surfing the Internet) and many other features.

2D-to-3D function

Audio quality made us enjoy the movie we watched even more, because the latter’s every sound effect was enhanced.

Performance was overall good. During our tests, this Blu-ray player powered up in 3 seconds and 2D video quality was superb, mostly thanks to depth of images and excellent clarity. BD-Live discs loaded in 34.5 seconds, which was great considering the sluggish performance of other Blu-ray products. The 2D-to-3D function gave a fairly good performance in this review. Colors appeared both bright and natural-looking and we especially liked the good balance of flesh tones and the depth of blacks. 3D elements were certainly among the best features of the BDP-S780; blacks had great depth, we could see distant objects and close-ups with stunning clarity and colors were of the same gorgeousness as the ones in 2D.

Review conclusion

In our opinion, the Sony BDP-S780 is definitely worth the money, thanks to its amazing speed, good features and superb performance both when it comes to 2D as well as 3D.

Technical specifications

Convenience Features
Media Remote 2.0 and above : Media Remote
Device : iPhone®/iPod®/Compatible Android Devices
2nd Display (Media Remote)
Media Remote 1.1 : BD Remote
HD (60Hz) : 480i/480p/720p/1080i/1080p
HD 24Hz to 60Hz conversion : Yes
HD (24Hz) (24p True Cinema) : Yes
HD (50Hz) : Yes
SD (60Hz) : Yes
Picture Parameter Adjustment(s)
Brightness : Yes
Color : Yes
Contrast : Yes
HUE : Yes
AVCHD Disc Format Forlder : BD/DVD/CD/USB/DLNA
WMV9 (.wmv, .asf) : BD/DVD/CD/USB/DLNA
MPEG-4 AVC (.mkv, .mp4, .m4v, .m2ts, .mts) : BD/DVD/CD/USB/DLNA
MPEG-1 Video/PS (.mpg .mpeg, .m2ts, .mts) : BD/DVD/CD/USB/DLNA
MPEG-2 Video/PS, TS ( .mpg.mpeg, .m2ts, .mts) : BD/DVD/CD/USB/DLNA
Noise Reduction
BNR : Yes
MNR : Yes
FNR : Yes
LPCM (.wav) : BD/DVD/CD/USB/DLNA (non secured)
MP3 (.mp3) : BD/DVD/CD/USB/DLNA (non secured)
WMA9 Standard (.wma) : BD/DVD/CD/USB/DLNA (non secured)
AAC (.m4a) : BD/DVD/CD/USB/DLNA (non secured)
DTS : BD/DVD/CD/USB/DLNA (non secured)
JPEG (.jpg, .jpeg) : BD/DVD/CD/USB/DLNA
Video Digital-to-Analog Converter
Component : 1080i, 720P; 12bit/148.5MHz
NTSC/PAL (60Hz/50Hz)
TV Type Default Setting : 16:9
DVD 24p output : Yes
Hybrid Disc
BD/DVD : Yes
BD/CD : Yes
Inputs and Outputs
USB Input(s) : Front 1; Rear 1
Ethernet Connection(s) : 1
Component Video Output(s) : 1
Digital Audio Output(s) : Optical 1; Coaxial 1
Analog Audio 2ch Output(s) : 1
Infrared Input(s) : 1
HDMI Output(s) : 1
Composite Video Output(s) : 1
Dimension (W x H x D) : 17″ x 1.8″ x 7.8″ (430 x 46 x 199mm)