Sonnet Fusion F2QR


A new portable dual drive

News of a recent gadget innovation surfaced on the 30th of September, so only a couple of days ago, in the form of a portable media device called Sonnet Fusion F2QR. This was developed by Sonnet Technologies, the same company which produced storage systems for users of Windows, Unix and other systems. People have high expectations from this new hard drive in RAID device. Will it be something marvelous or not? We grabbed hold of it and tested it. Here is what we have to say about its performance, features and many other aspects.

Good connectivity

The team at Sonnet Technologies based their latest Fusion F2QR hard disk on the famous Fusion F2. So the product we’re reviewing on this page maintains the same solid aluminum case and side-by-side drivers; each of the latter measures 2.5″ and offers resistance and protection against shocks and vibrations. The Fusion F2QR measures 15cm x 15.6cm x 2.4 cm, so it’s one of the smallest hard disk storage devices today. Its 0.68 kg made it not very difficult to hold. Sonnet-Fusion-F2QR

The quad-interface offered by this gadget comes with 3 possibilities to connect it to a PC or laptop; we could choose between FireWire 800, eSATA or USB 2.0. Each of these helped the Sonnet F2QR experience maximum flexibility when it came to sharing data between computers. We very much liked the fact that the device could be connected on the spot, because there were cables for each of the above-mentioned interfaces. The gadget we tested could also be powered by connecting it directly to Sonnet’s Qio via an optional power cable. Moreover, the F2QR is compatible with the majority of myPower ALL batteries offered by Tekkeon.


One of the features of this new storage system is the integrated hardware RAID controller; we used it to configure the 2 drives. It provided support for the following: concatenated, RAID 0, RAID 1 and JBOD. The last of the group helped us work with more audio tracks, the RAID 0 delivered superior performance and the RAID 1 gave mirrored backup for our data. When we wanted to change one of these configurations, all we had to do was consult the configuration application software that shipped with the device.

The Fusion F2QR is among the most silent hard disks on the market, due to its thick aluminum shell; this element is made to get rid of cross-coupled vibrations and protect the drives when the product is transported somewhere. The F2QR is also cool, thanks to the placement of the aforementioned drives; these two enhance the cooling surface area so there’s no need for a fan anymore. If you want everything to work properly, Sonnet Technologies recommends its users to get the MP3450i batteries, because they deliver 9 hours for their needs.

Very good transfer speed

During our tests to see how the Sonnet Fusion F2QR works, we have to say that the device acted very well; it was capable of sustained data transfer at up to 83MB/s write and 85MB/s read when configured as RAID 1. When the gadget had its drives configured as RAID 0, transfers were up to110MB/s write and 160MB/s read. We enjoyed that the data was kept backed up all the while.
For those of you who want to feel safe, this storage system is preinstalled with a Kensington key and other such locks for increased protection.

Review conclusion

From our point of view, the review conclusion is very clear. The new Sonnet Fusion F2QR hard drive is something to really invest in if you wand to have the best RAID data protection.

Technical specifications

Supported Drive ConfigurationsHardware-based RAID 0, RAID 1, span, and JBOD
Data Transfer SpeedUp to 160 MB/s, depending on interface and configuration
Power12VDC nominal; 9V min; 24V max
Operating Temperature+32 F to 104 F (0 C to +40 C)
External Connectors* Two FireWire 800
* 3.5 mm power
* USB 2.0
Noise(MacBook Pro: 35 dBA)
(Broadcast Studio: 30 dBA)
Fusion F2: 35 dBA
(Private Office: 40 dBA)
Weight1.5 lbs (0.68 kg)
Dimensions WxDxH:5.9 x 6.1 x 0.95 (15 x 15.6 x 2.4 cm)
What do you receive in the pack
* Disk enclosure with two 2.5″ hard drives
* 1-meter FireWire 400 to 3.5mm(3) power cable
* 1-meter eSATA data cable
* 2-meter USB 2.0 A to mini A cable
* 1-meter FireWire 800 cable
* Carrying case
* 1-meter FireWire 800 to 400 cable