Sharp LC80LE844U


We felt like we hadn’t reviewed a TV for a long time. So we set our eyes on Sharp’s LC80LE844U. That resulted in us wanting to see how it would fare in a couple of tests. What follows below is what happened during them.

The Sharp LC80LE844U comes in an all-black color. The size of the display is 80″. This is a 16:9 panel with a 4ms response time. Weight is 134 pounds. There is also a 240Hz AutoMotion. The depth of the panel is 2.5″. Features are plenty: full array local dimming, a remote control, active shutter 3D active technology, Ultra Brilliant LED backlighting and many more. You get no 3D glasses with this version. Once accessing 3D there is an option to give the TV a 3D Brightness boost should you want that option. If you get yourself a pair of 3D glasses separately, then the images you will see with them might not be to your heart’s content. They weren’t to ours, due to the judder, darkness and other unfortunate cons we spotted. Crosstalk, fortunately, was never a problem.

Limited settings

The keys on the TV’s remote were all much too tiny for us to like them. Mainly because during our testing we had to deal with a slow navigation.Sharp-LC80LE844U

Some of the modes that the LC80LE844U sports are quite good. The one called User is employed so as to make sure that the temperature of colors was the best one. And it was, because it offered both depth and light to what we watched on the screen. The de-judder mode worked better when we turned it off while watching movies that included a lot of fast-paced scenes. However, if you turn this mode on, sports will be delivered in a very smooth manner. The Standard mode should also be turned off during films. If it is on, then you will notice some not so great colors. For us they looked too over saturated. Not to mention that this mode only works well with the Advanced Film Mode on. The Auto mode equals the conversion of content into an advanced Film Mode. This option does not feature the possibility to have settings adjusted to your watching habits. This mode also does not work with the likes of Active Contrast and Contrast. Not even with Black Level does it function as it should. This is why it is better not to use the Auto mode that much.

Unnatural colors provided

Finally, a mode called Movie is ideal for when the user feels like calibrating the Sharp LC80LE844U. The Movie option is made to deliver a 10 point white balance adjustment. Compared to this, the User Picture Mode comes with just a 2 point WB adjustment possibility.

Viewing angles on this TV set were generally alright. We didn’t run into major issues with them.

The con that struck as the most was how this device could not show a better rendition when it came to colors. A calibration will result in greenish images. And every color is going to have an unnatural way of looking.

But wow, we were downright annoyed with the amount of ads we saw when we were playing around with this TV. There were so many of them that it wasn’t even funny anymore.

Review conclusion

Still, the Sharp LC80LE844U will function like a good thin monitor that it is. None of the cons we saw was enough to make us think badly about it.