Sharp LC70LE847U


We don’t consider the Sharp LC70LE847U as one of the best TVs in its category. But we wouldn’t say it’s awful, either. The thing is: it didn’t really impress as much as others when we tested it. Here is a review that will convince you of that. Or maybe not. But in the end it’s up to you what you want from a TV. So here we go with our thoughts on the matter.

The Sharp LC70LE847U has a display of 70″. While the refresh rate is 240Hz, the resolution is 1080p. There is one PC input, one Component video and four HDMI. Wi-Fi is integrated.

A Full HD 3D TV

The device we recently tested came with a display that was semi-matte. This did not prevent it from showing reflections, but they were fewer than if the screen was full-on glossy.

With this TV comes a remote control, too. But it’s not that great. The keys it sports are so very small. However, they deliver good feedback.Sharp-LC70LE847U

While watching movies using the 3D technology, the LC70LE847U did not show blurry images. And there was no crosstalk.

This model does have a rather annoying con. It tended to deplete natural background blur a lot. But at least it meant that we could watch content in both 2D and 3D without seeing only blurs in action scenes. The user will, nonetheless, have to choose this option when watching images that feature a lot of motion.

Some display problems

Watching something from a side angle does not offer the same viewing experience. Colors tens to wash out, contrast is not the same and black levels lack depth. Viewing content from an off-center position will also end in poor quality.

Colors are delivered in a professional way. At some point of this review, though, we noticed a green tinge. And we also spotted hues that did not look too natural. Both flaws were distracting. Even if you do a bit of calibration. Another drawback to the general performance is the sound quality. We honestly tried everything to make this TV get over its sucky sound quality. But we didn’t succeed. If you want a TV that doesn’t have this issue, we advise you to try other companies’ products first before throwing yourself at this one.

Up to 240Hz frequency

You aren’t offered a pair or more of 3D glasses when buying Sharp’s LC70LE847U. But of course you can buy some that are made by the same manufacturer. Although we advise you against it, unless you are desperate to watch 3D content on this TV. First of all, the pair we purchased did not offer a lot of comfort. And it cost us quite a lot. Plus, they were not exactly light when we put them on. In a nutshell: stay away from such glasses.

This model ships with features, too. There is no novelty here compared to older versions. Instead it lacks one of them: the panel drive system. But, well, that’s not a major flaw. Its Vyper drive option, 3D Ready and 240Hz AquaMotion belong to the feature category. And there are many more that were kept from the company’s older TV sets.

Review conclusion

The Sharp Since LC70LE847U does not rise up to the expectations set forth by its creators. This TV set needs a lot more oomph to make it in the top 5. But for now, this device can be used by beginners in full confidence.