Sharp LC32SV29U


A cheap 32 inch LCD HDTV

To be able to find a TV to fit your room, budget and needs, you definitely need to arm yourself with time and patience. There are simply too many of them. While that’s a good thing, it can also be very frustrating. The past years have seen a boom in sale for these products. That’s all the more difficult for consumers. The Sharp LC32SV29U is a TV that can annoy at first, but then you’ll be happy you bought it. The tests we performed on it will speak for themselves in the following review.

Impressive external design

Amazon offers the Sharp LC32SV29U for $297.25. That’s an insanely good price for a TV. The ones which were manufactured this year – and the ones about to be launched in 2012 – are much too expensive for the usual mortal. And their price doesn’t even reflect a good performance. So it’s refreshing to see some companies respecting the consumers who simultaneously want cheap price, good specs and decent to good quality.Sharp-LC32SV29U

This product looks very good. That was what struck us the most when we got introduced to it. It looked even better when face to face with it. Its elegance will make rooms look good and all your friends impressed. The stand it uses for support proved to be stable when we poked it. The TV’s 9.8″ x 31.3″ x 22.1″ and 24.3 pounds make for excellent dimensions; they are ideal for people who get bored easily with the location they chose for it and want to move the device a lot.

Easy to setup

Looking again at its price, we can’t help but praise its many options for connecting it to various other devices. We thought we’d have a disappointing number of ports and inputs; the ones featured were more than enough. They sit on the back (some on the sides). Reaching them is not at all maddening. Which is a relief, since Haier TVs tend to have them on the bottom; we’ll never understand that, but to each his own.

The Sharp LC32SV29U was a pleasure to set up for this review. In a couple of minutes from the start of our tests, setup was 100% complete. Mounting it on a wall was also effortless. The remote control then took care of the rest. We liked it: it opened everything the second we pressed the great buttons. Zapping through channels we appreciated the quickness with which they appeared on the screen. That’s a sign of how good the processor of this TV is. We didn’t detect lagging.

Decent image quality

The speakers offered a good sound quality. Not smashing, but nonetheless noteworthy. Dialogues and such didn’t need us to turn the volume all the way up.

As much as we initially liked the LC32SV29U, we couldn’t get over just how disappointing images looked. We didn’t think they would be amazing, but at least good. They were, in truth, only decent. Picture settings can be optimized, but in this case there’s not much to optimize. Colors are not great, clarity is so-so and viewing angles bugged us a lot. Skin tones were quite good, though. Some more hours of adjusting what we could and things improved, but only a little. The menu was incredibly annoying; it took almost all the surface of the screen. making it see through or moving it was impossible.

Review conclusion

The Sharp LC32SV29U most likely won’t occupy the rooms of a lot of people. Buy it only if your old one broke and you need some replacement till you get a new one.