Sharp Elite PRO-70x5FD


A new TV is in the house. The Sharp Elite PRO-70x5FD comes in at a whooping $7,999.99. But rest assured that it is worth every cent. As you will see by reading the review we prepared for today.

The Elite PRO-70x5FD is ready to deliver what must be one of the best viewing experiences. For that it ses the following specs, features and connectivity options. But first we’ll discuss the specifications: a 70″ screen, 1080p30 supported video formats, 480Hz refresh rate, 1,920 x 1,080 pixels. This 63″ x 40″ x 13″ has a weight of 101.4 lbs. Its ports are these: 1 USB, 5 HDMI, 1 PC in, 1 Ethernet, 3 Video and many more. Wi-Fi and Bluetooth are also part of the deal.

Awesome contrast ratio

The remote control thrown in the package is a tool that does everything it should be doing. And best of all, it has backlight. We used it for all sorts of operations and it gave a swift response.

The way this TV’s contrast ratio works in tests is awesome. It made the device sprout some of the most accurate skin tones and colors we have ever had the chance to observe on such a product until now. Then along came another technology: the backlight-scanning one. The feature using this is the FluidMotion one. And the latter is the reason why this TV is able to deliver things like smoothing effects. The Intelligent Variable Contrast, Active Contrast and Film Mode features make a great group of features. Thanks to them, the latest Samsung TV set can have both a reduction in digital noise and also an image contrast. Intense dark and light image detail. Crispness and sharpness were both amazing. There was no blooming, thanks to a very professional local-dimming technology.Sharp-Elite-PRO-70x5FD

The technologies and features listed above are joined by others, such as: RGB-Y color, local dimming and LED backlighting. It is a way to deliver all kinds of goodies: very accurate colors, amazing whites and blacks with a lot of depth to them. It was truly great watching them on the lovely display.

Poor performance in 3D conversion

So that the user can enjoy watching something on the Elite PRO-70x5FD with the best sound quality ever, this TV sports 1 subwoofer and 2 speakers. These are accompanied by helpers the likes of a 3D Surround option, audio settings, treble, bass, and balance settings, a Clear Voice option and a Bass Enhancer.

You won’t see this product consume less energy to protect the environment. When we set the power saving to the advanced mode, this TV consumed 52W. When we turned that mode off, the set ate up a total of 125W.

Also, do not come in with the expectation of seeing a 2D-to-3D conversion that will blow your mind. The aftermath of such poor performance means loss of sharpness. And loss of detail in background scenery. But to sweeten the blow (which wasn’t even that severe, we are just exaggerating), the Elite PRO-70x5FD is a TV that will forever earn a place in our hearts because of its 3D performance. Which is amazing. And you can see all its glory with one of the 2 pairs of 3D glasses that are in the package. This performance materializes in an absence of crosstalk in tests. And the fact that both colors and brightness have great quality.

Review conclusion

Yes, Sharp Elite PRO-70x5FD made a lasting impression on us. But how could it have been otherwise when its performance and design were so awesome? If you don’t mind its high price tag, you should have a go at this product.