Sharp Aquos LC-70LE735U


A 70-inch high end TV

If you want a TV that will shock your friends, then our immediate recommendation is the Sharp Aquos LC-70LE735U. This product usually draws a lot of attention to itself. Why? Because of its screen, a 70″ one. Truly big, bigger than many other devices with the same functions as this model. It is a device capable of both basic and advanced things. But you should only try it out if you can spare $4,799.99. If you can’t, there will always be cheaper but dependable TV sets somewhere else. Here is the review we did for this product.

LED backlight

The Sharp Aquos LC-70LE735U is a downright beast when it comes to its screen. It has to be the single most massive LCD HDTV from that point of view to ever walk into the gadget world. This 70-incher has, besides that measurement, varied points of interest. Like LEDs for backlighting. Also, superior to edge-lit backlighting. Around its sides and top, the device has a thickness of 1.75″. The bezel is black and glossy. Its bottom bezel features an integrated 3D emitter, a remote sensor and an OPC light sensor. The keys to control various settings are situated behind the right side bezel. Behind the left bezel are inputs which are so very easy to reach when needed. They include things like one audio output, one USB port and 4 HDMI ports. Connectivity options continue on the cabinet’s rear. Where VGA, 2 sets of composite A/V jacks, RS-232, another USB port, an Ethernet one and several more sit.Sharp-Aquos-LC-70LE735U

Automatic 3D conversion

The Aquos LC-70LE735U sits on a base which doesn’t accept you swiveling it. But what it does do is make sure that the TV doesn’t fall down if shaken good.

The remote which helped control the product during tests was long. Its 4-way navigation buttons replied very well to our nudges. The number pad buttons were large enough to feel pleasant.

Sharp’s latest LCD HDTV can easily detect a signal that’s in 3D. After doing that, it switches to its 3D mode. However, if you’re in a hurry, just press the set’s 3D key. That button also converts 2D to faux-3D picture.

Internet access

Sharp uses menus that even a beginner can use. Each of the settings is explained in detail. The set’s menu system may not look brilliant. However, its selection of picture controls is vast.

Normal and Internet connectivity options don’t lack on the Aquos LC-70LE735U. The Wi-Fi options mean no more cables to get entangled in and break your neck.

Speakers to be able to hear what you’re watching deliver good sound quality. We didn’t have to turn the volume up to its maximum to make out voices, songs and such. But you should avoid using the Movie and Hall 3D surround settings.

Good colour reproduction

Colour reproduction absolutely shines on this TV. It’s one of its biggest pro points. Especially green and red hues. Blue hues were a bit over-saturated. But in the end that didn’t affect picture quality. Super black levels is another pro to be enjoyed.

Considering this is an LCD panel, off-angle viewing wouldn’t normally be great. But in the case of this product, it was all good. Quality of HD pictures was astounding. Motion blur even was unheard of. It also helps that the TV doesn’t eat up a lot of power. Only 177W.

Review conclusion

Prepare your purse for the Sharp Aquos LC-70LE735U. Because it doesn’t come cheap. But it comes with many pros and virtually no cons.