Sharp Aquos LC-60LE640U


A 60 inch HDTV

Because we live in a time where an awesome design is practically the number one reason to win minds and hearts at the same time, consumers forget that gadgets with simpler looks are just as good performance-wise. It’s just that they aren’t as flashy, that’s all. Such a straightforward product is the $1,364 Sharp Aquos LC-60LE640U. This HDTV keeps it plain and simple without compromising performance. We recommend it wholeheartedly if you want a device that costs less than $2,000 and delivers solid quality. We even prepared a review to prove this product’s worth as seen in our tests.

Simple design

We can’t even begin to say how simple the Sharp Aquos LC-60LE640U looks. Its only elements that will take away some of its – for some – boring design are a taper on its bottom and top. And an inverse V on its bottom edge, letter which glows. The standard controls sit on the TV’s screen’s right edge. These controls are the following: Volume, Power, Channel, Menu and Input.Sharp-Aquos-LC-60LE640U

Connectivity matters are solved by very useful ports, inputs and the like. Of which these are the most important: VGA, 4 HDMI, one Ethernet, one USB, optical audio and a coaxial cable. We tried, during our set of tests, to mount the Aquos LC-60LE640U. Tough luck, friends. It was really hard, because its inputs for composite video and component face back.

Netflix access

The TV is controlled by a simple remote control. It measures 9.5″. The buttons on its surface are as plain as the remote itself. The navigation pad is smaller than usual. And if you compare it to the number pad. Even so, we had no issue locating it with our thumb. We can’t say the same about all the other keys. Access to Netflix is possible at the press of a red button that is also larger than the norm.

The menu system in use by this HDTV is the same bad affair as usual. A real con from start to finish. But only in terms of design. Because if you scratch behind the surface, you’ll discover gems. The likes of saturation and six-color hue adjustments.

Impressive performance

If we are to talk about the performance of this device, then we will use only admiring words. Because the Aquos LC-60LE640U, taking aside its affordable price, is a competitive performer. It is equipped with all kinds of stuff that make its performance good. Contrast and brightness calibrations make the set reach very good black and white levels. Its 12,221:1 contrast ratio is so very impressive for such a device. Out of the colors we saw, blues had the most problems. Notwithstanding, no problems to report about flesh tones. Movies had overall good quality. That amazing contrast ratio made bright green colors look great against shades. Details are seen in all their glorious fullness. Colors won’t have a cartoonish feel to them, like we experienced in plenty other TV sets.

The energy that this device consumes is a lot. If its power-saving features are not turned on, that is. It will consume a total of 150W. When power-saving is on, the product consumes only 115W. The downside to that: the TV has its brightness turned to its dimmest value.

Review conclusion

Acer’s Aquos LC-60LE640U will not charm you on the spot. But it won’t leave you unsatisfied, either. And it won’t cost an arm and a leg. Picture quality is awesome connectivity options are plenty.