Sceptre E246BD-FHD


A 24 inch LED TV with integrated DVD

Sceptre is an American company that has been a leading innovator for TVs, monitors, TV stands and many more for over 25 years. It might not be as well known as brands such as Toshiba, Samsung and the like, but the team at Sceptre is offering good quality products nonetheless. Their latest Sceptre E246BD-FHD promises to be worth your money. We decided to see for ourselves if they told the truth. Here comes our review.

1080p Full HD resolution

With its ultra sleek glossy black finish, the E246BD-FHD TV is beautiful to look at. It measures 22.56″ x 14.25″ x 1.67″ without stand, 22.56″ x 16.14″ x 7.87″ with stand and has a weight of 4.79kg. These mean that the TV is not as easy to carry around as others of its kind.
The front comes with a 24″ LED-LCD display that features the following specs: 5ms response time, resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels, 1080p full High Definition resolution, 300cd/m2 brightness, auto contrast enhancement and an outer frame design of .69″-1.89″. The fast response time, we were pleased to see, resulted in tearing that was minimal when the sync was turned off during games that had a high resolution and then very minimal at times when the sync was on; the lack of ghosting transformed the monitor into a very fast one. Sceptre-E246BD-FHD

Excellent image provided

The resolution offered, while we were testing the TV for our review, sharp images and colors that brimmed with brightness and loveliness; it also provided 1.050 vertical lines of resolution for excellent picture quality and density of color. The 300cd/m2 brightness peak was good; as a result, putting the set wherever there was different light still meant beautiful images. The auto contrast enhancement made colors balance in order to achieve more vivid viewing experience and superior LED display with crisper images and brighter colors than other TVs; all this was done while saving energy, so the latest Sceptre E246BD-FHD is a good choice for those who want to protect both the environment and their pockets. The 170° / 160° viewing angle didn’t present problems.

SPDIF digital sound

The E246BD-FHD LED TV ships with an integrated DVD player; to make this advanced function properly we simply slid a movie we wanted to watch into the .60″ slot on the right side of the device and enjoyed it in the best of viewing conditions.
In terms of sound, the TV sports a pair of built-in speakers with earphone out and SPDIF digital sound out. These offered good sound performance.
The Sceptre E246BD-FHD boasts 1 USB input, 2 HDMI inputs, one input for both Antenna and Cable, 1 VGA and many more. The 2 HDMI enabled us to easily connect various audio/video sources and the USB port gave us the possibility to listen to music and look at digital pictures.
The E246BD-FHD TV doesn’t eat a lot of power and this is proven by its possibility to save power by 48%. Furthermore, the TV complies with both RoHs and Energy Star 3.0 .

Review conclusion

In conclusion, the new Sceptre E246BD-FHD we tested in our labs for this review is a good choice if you want to get yourself a new TV, because it offers great picture quality and can be placed in any corner of your house. Besides, it comes with a nice slot-loading DVD player.

Technical specifications

* 2 x HDMI Ports
* 24″ Black HDTV w/built in DVD
* Resolution 1920×1080
* Response Time: 5 ms
* Brightness 300cd/m2