Samsung WB750


A new compact camera

Compact cameras are every photographer’s dream, beside analog devices that are attractive mostly to people belonging to a niche. If you’re just starting to discover the joys of taking a photo or you already have a large collection of pictures, there are many companies that offer what you need for your very first buy or the tenth. Samsung is such a brand and it recently hatched a new camera, naming it WB750. Is it good, is it bad? Find out below.

Changed design

Eying the black Samsung WB750 after we took out of its box we realized it looked like a whole new product than the others in the WB series, because of the company’s decision to not bore its fanbase with the same design over and over again. Holding the camera before starting our tests we felt it was also lighter and slimmer. The material it’s made of is the usual plastic, so durability is what this gadget is all about. The meaning of WB is “Wide and Big”, but these words don’t refer to the camera’s looks, they mostly have to do with the reach its lens has: 24-432mm (in 35mm terms). Because of the large dimension of the lens, the product’s flash bulb won’t have to suffer the usual damage it does on preceding WB models.Samsung-WB750

Smart Face Recognition technology

Being able to grip the Samsung WB750 with one of our hands and hold it steady while shooting video or snapping pictures was our favorite thing to do, simply because it was so easy and comfortable. We won’t delve any deeper into the design zone, because this compact camera comes equipped with all the standard buttons. Everything is made easy so you can enjoy taking photos without worrying you’ll do something wrong. There are a lot of shooting modes and they all give favorable performances. The technology that gave us the most in satisfaction terms was the Smart Face Recognition one.

3 inch AMOLED display

Tests made it clear that shutter lag was almost nonexistent and the time it took for the device to set up was 1.5 seconds. Turning the camera with the back revealed a 3 inch LCD display which, being invested with 460k of pixels, transmits a lot of brightness, even if an AMOLED screen would have been the bomb. Selecting options, settings and such from the menu was smooth and the product never once lagged when we did that for our review.

Ports and other connectivity-related options include a miniHDMI, a connector to use the power/sync cable offered by Samsung and that’s about all.

Good image quality

You’re in luck, because the Samsung WB750 takes good-looking photos, if you are of the people who can get over the noise produced by a camera. If not, then try to consider other offerings. Also, ISOs of 800 and 1600 tend to bring the worst in the WB750. Snapping a close-up of a flower, for example, was one of the best assets of this device; the distance you can approach an object for a macro shot: 5cms. Indoors and outdoors conditions resulted in the same great picture quality and we loved the lack of judders and blurs. People didn’t appear with red eyes and the battery life was good.

Review conclusion

The main purpose of the newest Samsung WB750 is to reign supreme over Panasonic models. At the end of this review we think it will, considering that this compact camera is a serious improvement for the South Korean company. The 10fps burst shooting, 18x zoom lens, generous display and other specifications as well as features make the WV750 the most worthy of Samsung’s gadgets.

Technical specifications

Image Sensor TypeBSI CMOS
Effective resolution12.5 MP
Optical Zoom18X
Focal Length4 mm (Equivalent to 24 mm in 35mm format)
Shutter SpeedAuto : 1/8 ~ 1/2000 sec. / Program : 1 ~ 1/2000 sec., M : 16 ~ 1/2,000 sec. / Night : 8 ~ 1/2,000 sec.
ISO EquivalentAuto, 100, 200, 400, 800, 1600, 3200 ISO Equivalent
Flash recharging TimeApprox. 4 sec.
USB 2.0Yes
AV OutNTSC / PAL (user selectable)
Dual Image StabilizationYes
SpeakerInternal Speaker : Mono
MicrophoneMicrophone : Stereo
Battery typeSLB-10A
External Size (WxHxD)4.15″ (W) x 2.34″ (H) x .98″ (D)