Samsung UN75ES9000


Another TV set we wished to try out is Samsung’s UN75ES9000. This is a product which truly rises up to expectations. And by reading our review you will see what we mean.

In the next paragraph we will tackle this TV’s spec list. The UN75ES9000 has the following: a 75″ screen, a 240 Hz screen refresh rate, 1920 x 1080 pixels and a 16:9 aspect ratio. Features include Picture In Picture, Wi-Fi, active 3D, Smart TV, Smart Hub, facial recognition, voice and hand control and plenty others. The latter two features sparked the most interest in us during tests. But even if you get all sorts of cool ones, the truth of the matter is that these features are not the easiest ones to play with. If you want to play a game online or just watch a movie, you can use the device’s full web browser. When we used it, it didn’t lag.

Extra slim external design

The design of this TV set is hard to forget. Its body is painted silver chrome. The depth makes this device extra slim. The UN75ES9000 sits on a stand that offers plenty of stability.

To turn the UN55ES8000 on, just say “Hi TV” and it will spring to life. Another way to turn it on is its facial recognition feature. A third option is to do a hand wave in front of it. Once it springs to life, it shows nice colors. They need some punch, though.Samsung-UN75ES9000

The coat screen of this device is clear. Which signifies superb contrast. If a movie has a lot of scenes that are bathed in sunlight, the display will show them in all their splendor without burning your eyes in the process. The LED backlight also is to thank for this effect.

QWERTY keyboard

Brightness levels are all beyond expectations. The way the screen displays content in 3D is also remarkable. We saw absolutely no problems with uniformity, 3D viewing or any other of the blights damaging picture quality on other TVs. The screen is also the largest we have tested so far. This and the fact that it ships with a remote control that has seen improvements further make the UN75ES9000 a lovely TV. It’s worth to mention here that this remote control sports a new TV search function along with a QWERTY keyboard. The levels of black were downright splendid.

This Samsung device packs Wi-Fi among its offerings. So that if the user wishes to browse the World Wide Web, he or she can do so without any problem at all. Once we were connected, we could access the device’s Smart TV Internet feature. As mentioned, there is also a web browser that offers a very good performance. You can check your Twitter and Facebook statuses, read something and so on.

The 3D glasses that Samsung also sells deliver one of the best viewing experiences, compared with similar HDTVs, recently reviewed. Their biggest advantage is that the user’s eyes will not get tired while watching content for long. The company’s SSG-3300GR model 3D glasses pack both comfort and lightness in the deal. The usual blurring and crosstalk that was found on previous models are not on these versions. Which is a great relief. You are offered 4 pairs of these glasses.

Review conclusion

The $10,000 Samsung UN75ES9000 (yup, it costs a lot of money) is a TV that should grace the houses of everybody who wants a quality product.

  1. Matt at 5:22 pm

    Nice review of the Samsung UN75ES9000. Just ordered mine today and should have it next week. Can’t Wait!!! Quick question on something that was not covered in your review. How are the viewing angles on this TV compared to other LED’s, more importantly, how does it stack up against the Samsung ES8000? Thanks

    • Catalin Nichita at 5:43 pm

      We didn’t tested the Samsung ES8000 series and we are not able to provide you a correct response at the question regarding the comparison between these two products. The viewing angles are decent and you can count on this model.

      • Matt at 9:21 pm

        Great. Thanks for the help. Can’t wait to see this beast in my mancave 🙂