Samsung UN65ES8000


Samsung’s box of delights is never-ending. So we took advantage of this and tested their UN65ES8000. This TV belongs to a series that includes some of the best models we have had the pleasure of reviewing. The device here comes with all sorts of advanced features, technologies and so on. And we will share them with you in today’s review.

Before that, though, we’ll start by adding the specs: a 65″ LED-LCD display, a 1,920 x 1080 resolution, 16:9 aspect ratio, 30,000,000:1 dynamic contrast ratio. The dimensions of the UN65ES8000 are 58.3″ x 36.1″ x 11.5″ (with a stand that comes installed). 45 pounds is its weight.

A powerful 65 inch 3D TV

The offerings we spotted when we opened the package were these: a touchpad remote control, a normal remote, 4 pairs of 3D glasses, batteries and an IR blaster. 3 USB ports and 3 HDMI inputs are this TV’s connectivity options.

There are many features to go with the UN65ES8000. But you should know that the stand does not swivel like it does on other models. The Micro Dimming Ultimate feature is an important part of this TV. Picture adjustment settings were a great way for us, in tests, to get the most out of the viewing experience. Motion smoothing here worked like a charm.Samsung-UN65ES8000

The touchpad remote we mentioned a short while ago is a nice addition. It worked over Bluetooth and was very responsive. But we still thought the standard remote was way better and felt more natural. And it features backlighting. This, too, offers great feedback.

Smart Interaction technology

The kind of shadow detail we witnessed was good. But the glossy coating of the display did not make us too happy, especially not when we wanted to watch something with the lights turned on. The level of brightness was superb. The accuracy of all of the colors we saw on the screen was great, too. Movies in 3D appeared in the best way possible, with sharpness and contrast both excellent. We didn’t spot halo effects. And black levels put on a very impressive show overall.

The sound quality is not what you would expect from a Samsung product. However, it does not fail miserably.

The Smart Interaction feature that this UN65ES8000 sports can be reached via the device’s touchpad remote with mic and also via the TV’s cam that offers a mic.

There were two problems we encountered while testing this product. One was related to the viewing angles. Especially when watching something from an off-angle. To counteract this, we advise our readers to watch content from 6 feet or more away. Otherwise, image quality is going to go through a disappointing stage. The second con that attracted our attention was the fact that this device delivered light bleed. Where, you ask? As far as we saw, it happened in the right-hand and bottom left corners of the TV’s display. The lght that bled did so now and then, so it wasn’t a reason to make us mad.

Review conclusion

The Samsung UN65ES8000 costs a lot more than other series made by the same manufacturer. But the high price you will pay is going to show itself in this TV’s performance, design and other attributes. So if you are someone who wants what’s best in LED TV products, then the model we reviewed today certainly has ways to lure you in and make you use it in your day to day life.