Samsung UN65ES6500


The TV sets in Samsung’s UN series are some of the best we have ever seen. But, as was expected, there had to be an exception to the rule. And it arrived in the form of the company’s UN65ES6500, reviewed today. We expected more from it, but it sort of let us down somewhat. Below you are going to find out why.

This is a TV with a 65″ display. The total amount of pixels is 1,920 x 1,080. Among the other specifications we found the following: an 120 Hz refresh rate, a 7000000:1 dynamic contrast ratio, a 20W total output power and a clear motion rate of 240 – 480 Hz.

2D to 3D conversion

Features include a remote control, 2D to 3D conversion, a 2 x Right/left channel speaker, a Web browser, progressive scanning, a LED Backlight technology and many more.

Connectivity is a dream. There are all sorts of options: one Audio input, three USB 2.0 ports, three HDMI ports, 1 x Digital audio output and a lot more where these came from. Ethernet and Wi-Fi are also offered.

The design of the UN65ES6500 has many elements which make it special. Measurements are 58.7″ x 1.9″ x 34.3″. This TV has a total weight of 52.7 lbs.Samsung-UN65ES6500

Before turning this TV on, you’ll have to use the remote control. The model that the UN65ES6500 uses sports backlight. Its keys are very easy to press and respond very quickly to your fingers.

In the tests we did, our eyes were very pleased with how colors were delivered. They were plenty accurate and overall respected normal values for such a TV. However, reproduction sometimes seemed to be off. But overall, colors were delivered in all their rich glory and we did not see green tinges anywhere on the screen. And we didn’t notice issues in shadow detail. But one thing we did spot had to do with black levels. They lacked depth and some of the scenes we saw were darker than others.

Limited viewing angles

In a couple of movies we watched, contrast is not uniform. In one scene there is plenty, in the other it is inconsistent. That is due to the fact that this product doesn’t feature microdimming.

Try to avoid sitting at a distance that exceeds a couple of feet. Because then you will experience an off-angle quality that is always bad. For films that are made of only action scenes, this model offers a Custom dejudder mode. This one makes it possible to watch said content without worrying over unnecessary issues.

To be sure that there is a good resolution to watch movies in, this device comes with a Clear Motion Rate feature. Its quality was easy to see in the tests we performed for this review. The user also gets to put the TV’s backlight scanning and video processing to good use. But they weren’t as promising as advertised by the manufacturer. Uniformity on this model is also a let-down in the grand scheme of things. The result of this poor performance is a display filled with blotches.

Excellent news is the fact that you will not see reflections like you do on so many other TV sets made today. Or a year ago, for that matter. If you see something like the display fading to black, there is an explanation: it means that the UN65ES6500 has its backlight turned off.

Review conclusion

Samsung’s UN65ES6500 sets the bar high. But it rather fails short of leaving a lasting impression.