Samsung UN60ES7500


We’ve had our share of Samsung TVs to rate. But it doesn’t hurt to review one more. Today we are ticking the company’s UN60ES7500 off our list. It was a great pleasure testing it, that much is true. And you’ll find out why next.

As expected from a TV made by Samsung, the UN60ES7500 features plenty of great specs. Which are as follows: a 60″ screen, 1920 x 1080 pixels, 240 Hz for its refresh rate, a 25000000:1 dynamic contrast ratio and the list goes on. In terms of features, this device has 4 pairs of 3D glasses, Smart TV, Active 3D, a Game mode, 2D to 3D conversion, the LED Backlight technology and many more. This is one of those TVs that deliver plenty of ports for every need: there’s 1 x Ethernet, 2 x Audio input, 3 x USB 2.0 and 1 x Component video input just to name a few. There is wireless LAN, too.

Very slim design

We expected nothing more than a very lovely piece to look at. And the UN60ES7500 is, indeed, very good-looking. The bezel is one of the slimmest we have ever laid our eyes on.

Apart from that, the display on this TV delivered great-looking content in our benchmarking, thanks to its micro dimming technology. Images did not feature that horrid halo effect we’ve seen on other TV screens.Samsung-UN60ES7500

There are a lot of apps you can use with this product. And if you need others, you can look for them in YouTube, Facebook and so on. Moreover, the user will be able to watch a movie and look for stuff on the Internet at the same time. And vice versa.

Integrated camera

The cam that is integrated in this beauty makes for a great companion if the user wishes to communicate with loved ones.

In order to deliver one of the best sound ever, the UN60ES7500 sports many helpful technologies. Such as DNSe. This option is responsible for improving sound quality in ways that make it better than on any other TV sets.

Other features boasted by this device are Kids Story, Fitness, Gesture Control and Family Story. The former is a tool that tells the user which variety children programming is the best. In other words, it provides kids with a learning tool that’s completely free. Fitness is a feature that offers a video-on-demand service. Its aim is to help the viewer stay healthy by keeping up to date with a workout history. Gesture Control has never been featured on a Samsung TV before. It was a means of reacting to movements that our hands made when we wanted to navigate the menu, change a channel and so on. The Family Story feature is an effective way of telling friends about important events in your family, uploading photos and other fun things. Finally, Voice Navigation is an option whose role is to give a reply when the device hears the sound of the user’s voice. Which is another way to say that this TV can be played with without pressing a key.

Review conclusion

The Samsung UN60ES7500 is, naturally, a TV that will stand the test of time. And rise up to expectations from the very first use. Its secret is in the specs, features and design. These three elements are the most important one to define what the company’s TVs are all about. And the model we analyzed for today’s review has all three of them in equal measure.