Samsung UN46ES6580


Samsung and its $999 UN46ES6580 wants to bring to the market of TVs a device that doesn’t cost much, but is still able to deliver good value. We put it to the test and we got the following results that we are sharing with you in the form of this review.

The UN46ES6580 has, as its name indicates, a screen of 46″. Which is semi-matte. The panel is a 240Hz one with 480 Clear Motion. In our tests, this display didn’t sport the best saturation or contrast. Moreover, the side viewing angles didn’t offer great quality when watching something. And we caught wind of a couple of glares from this screen. The resolution is made of 1,920 x 1,080 pixels.

Slow internet browser

The UN46ES6580 sits on a stand that is made of four legs. It is painted black and offers plenty of stability. It can swivel this way and that. The frame of this TV is .5″ wide. The body is also black, but not glossy this time. Don’t expect anything too fancy about this device’s looks.

Colors looked swell, at least minus some that were too orange. But brightness was good. On the whole, the dynamic is much too vivid. The set’s Micro Dimming Ultimate feature takes care of the screen uniformity, in the sense that it helps erase any kind of problem.Samsung-UN46ES6580

This TV also has a judder reduction feature. But instead of doing what it’s supposed to do, it makes things worse. It also delivers motion artifacts. Thankfully, the device’s Clear Motion rate is very helpful when the user watches a movie that includes a lot of action.

The included browser is incredibly slow. It loads pages in more than 5 minutes.

Movies in 3D are shown in all their glory on the UN46ES6580. The box includes 4 pairs of 3D glasses. With it, content looked very enjoyable. No crosstalk appeared to annoy us. Depth was also superb. The usual blurs that TVs get in the bottom corner of whatever content the user is watching did not happen here. Color saturation and contrast did not look swell. This con aside, 3D image quality was really good. And the special glasses were very comfortable and light.

Improved sound quality

Ports mean 3 HDMI and 3 USB. You also get one component and one component video interfaces.

The pair of speakers integrated on this Samsung set bundles up some really good sound quality. It helps that they sit on the rear at the bottom. In fact, we have to give credit to the company for making the UN46ES6580 offer such good quality on such a TV.

The product ships with a Skype camera, too. It is a good one and it does its job well. We could talk and see our friends in more than fine image and sound quality.

A dedicated Game/Gaming mode is not an option on this model. If you think that Auto Motion is the mode for you, don’t use it. Because if you do, it will deliver motion artifacts and colors will look bad. Also, judder is going to make an appearance a lot of times. The best idea is to use this TV without the Auto Motion feature turned on.


The Samsung UN46ES6580 is far away from the success of other TVs made by the South Korean manufacturer. Even if that may be so, the name behind this device is going to mean a much better performance than rivaling products.

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