Samsung UN46ES6500F


There are not many bad things to say about Samsung’s new $1,729,99 HDTV set. In the tests we did on this device, the only negative comment we had to make was when we saw how its LED backlit panel performed. Below are the results of what we noticed put in the form of a review.

A new 46 inch HDTV

The screen of the Samsung UN46ES6500F is a 46-incher. The device’s cabinet has 1.25″, while the bezel is 9.5″. In other words, there is not a lot to make this HDTV a massive or thick one. The remote control measures 9″. The maximum brightness we got to witness was 101.81 cd/m2.

This unit is well-endowed in the area of inputs, outputs and so on. The UN46ES6500F will land on your door with the following options: 3 HDMI, shared component and composite AV jacks, a TV cable/antenna jack, a LAN port, digital audio in and out connections, an optical audio output, and an EX-Link (serial) port and 3 USB ports. The fact that you get only 3 HDMI ports instead of 4 will affect your gaming or your video-watching. But it’s not a tragedy is you want a TV without so many HDMI ports.

This model sits on a stand which has 4 legs. Its color is the standard black which looks good everywhere you put it.Samsung-UN46ES6500F

If you are the kind of consumer who wants a lot of applications on a HDTV, then opt for this device. There is also a browser for your Internet-related activities.

Even if there are possibilities to make this TV consume less power than it does, you will not turn it into a device that is very mindful of the environment.

Two pairs of 3D glasses

The main menu of the UN46ES6500F uses icons. It was a very easy thing to press them and they gave very good feedback.

But this device does not have function keys. When we wanted to navigate or just open various stuff, we used the TV’s remote control. And the joystick control. This remote has some small buttons, but it comes with backlighting.

Te performance of Samsung’s fresh new HDTV is so and so. For starters, the number of modes and settings is one of the best we have ever seen. And the way its colors behave is a definite pro. Looking at the screen from an off-angle does not produce bad results. On the contrary, we saw everything well illuminated and without shifting in color. For watching content in 3D, you get 2 pairs of 3D glasses. They made us feel very comfortable. However, they do not always deliver great performance, if you compare the TV with other reviewed models. There were times when we noticed a lot of light coming from the sides. This HDTV also needs better brightness levels. Extreme angles will produce crosstalk. Other than that, we observed no other problems.

Review conclusion

All of the above made us realize that Samsung’s UN46ES6500F HDTV has almost everything it needs to become a favorite among consumers who do not wish for something grand. Its looks are more than fine. The performance it delivers in tests is really good. And it sports a lot of features and specs which make it deliver an even more enjoyable experience. Add to that the fact that it includes not one, but two pairs of 3D glasses and you have a device which is more appealing than what you have seen so far.