Samsung UN46D6000


There are times when even a renowned manufacturer does something wrong with one or several of its creations. This is what happened to Samsung and their recent $1,000 UN46D6000. It has a seemingly impressive list of stuff which recommends it as a great TV set, But when we tested it, we saw that it was not quite so. Below you will find out more on this matter if you read our following review.

A new 46 inch Smart HDTV

The measurements of the Samsung UN46D6000 are as follows: 1.2″ x 42.9″ x 25.9″. The measurement of the screen is 46″. The amount of pixels we saw in action was 1,920 x 1,080. a clear motion rate of 240, a 5,000,000:1 dynamic contrast ratio and a contrast ratio of 16:9. The features it presents to its owners are Wi-Fi, 10W x 2 sound output, a SRS TheaterSound HD sound effect system, Smart TV with Samsung Apps, a Down Firing + Full Range speaker and many more features. Ports, inputs and whatnot are as follows: coaxial connectors, 4 HDMI ports, 1 Ethernet port and 1 VGA.

Turning this TV on when you take it out from its box is followed by a wizard which explains how to set the device up. It’s not of such great help, but the basics are well explained.

We had to get ourselves a wireless adapter because this TV has no Wi-Fi possibilities.Samsung-UN46D6000

The remote control used for this UN46D6000 has no weight problem. The buttons give good feedback and the dimensions make it large. The remote control features a key for Tools. When we pressed it in tests we got to see a mini-menu. The latter comes with some options that you can personalize to fit your watching pattern. The possibility to program this kind of remote is not available here. But the buttons are endowed with backlighting.

Some sound problems

Always remember to turn the Clear Motion Rate off when you watch something on this HDTV. Because, if this featured is enabled, the quality of the content will suffer. In the sense that saturation and contrast will not look good. And videos will have a dead appearance. We also noticed problems with the actors’ skin tones: they looked washed out and unnatural at times. However, this is not as bad as what we have already spotted on other TV sets. The Clear Motion Rate is a type of technology that offers many improvements to how something looks on a TV’s screen. Such as improvement of fast-paced action via LED backlighting, speedy processing of images, faster response times and so on and so forth. So if you keep this feature off, you will be able to enjoy a movie or several without worrying about experiencing bad quality.

There is a pair of stereo speakers used by the UN46D6000. And they are the most prominent con. We would hear distortions many times after turning the volume up when we reviewed it the sound characteristics. When we turned the volume down to 50%, we could also hear those annoying distortions. So one should always try and keep the volume at a reasonable level to make the most out of it.

Review conclusion

The features that Samsung’s UN46D6000 brings are some of the most riveting. And it all costs a decent amount of money. The only 2 issues we had with it were the way the sound reacted and the poor design. And let us not forget the set’s motion handling.