Samsung UN40ES6500


The air was hot with anticipation before Samsung unleashed its UN40ES6500 to the world. But as some of the most impatient consumers took this TV home and began using it, they didn’t really like it. Here are our own 2 cents on the matter.

The Samsung UN40ES6500 has, like all of the company’s products, great looks. The bezel, for one, is really slim: 0.5″. On the whole, the design exudes style. The remote that comes with this set features buttons that use the backlight technology. They were very easy to press in our tests. And, of course, gave strong feedback.

A new smart HDTV

For Internet browsing and use of other devices, this TV ships with an array of the following: one Ethernet port, Wi-Fi, 3 HDMI ports, 3 USB ports and one hybrid component/composite port.

Even if it is a product made by Samsung, the UN40ES6500 doesn’t deliver the same superb quality as other models created by the same company. 3D performance is not as great as expected. But this TV comes with not 1, but 2 pairs of 3D glasses. However, they’re models made 1 year ago.Samsung-UN40ES6500

The screen used on this model did not feature the same annoying glossiness as on previous models. So throughout the duration of our tests we were able to watch content without worrying that the experience would be ruined for us eventually. So reflections will not make an appearance on this TV’s display any time soon. To our eyes, one of the cons on this UN40ES6500 was uniformity. At any time that we chose to watch from a bigger distance, the display showed content in an off-angle. Which meant purple blacks. And contrast loss. The screen was imbued with red, yellow and gray blotches on all of its surface when watching movies.

Up to 480Hz frequency

Black levels are about average for its price, and shadow detail is excellent, while 3D is just OK, compared with other reviewed HDTVs. The TV comes with two pairs of lightweight active glasses. They’re actually the SSG-3050GBs from 2011. The accuracy that colors had was a pro point for this device. Also, the saturation of colors was excellent. But black levels didn’t have the same punch. And the depth of images which were dark was another pro. Scenes packed with action didn’t show judders. Details in shadows also looked awesome.

The product’s Clear Motion Rate feature had 240 – 480Hz. This score is what any serious TV should bring forth. This addition is going to work wonders where image processing is concerned. Because the Clear Motion Rate makes resolution look ten timed better than it ever did. And there are other offerings to improve performance: they are going by the name of backlight scanning, video processing and refresh rate (of 120Hz). These together put on quite a show. A very nice one. Alas, there is no microdimming to be observed.


Despite the strengths that the Samsung UN40ES6500 delivers, its weakness do not succeed in maing this TV one to fully recommend. Not unless you are a beginner with such sets such as this one. Should you wish a TV that can play 3D content in a way that will knock your socks off, this model falls short of that. And yet, this HDTV does not deserve to be fully bashed, since it does what it can with what it has. And it doesn’t do it that bad. Give it a try if you aren’t a pretentious consumer.