Samsung UE40D7000


A powerful 3D TV: Samsung UE40D7000

This D7000 generation of 3D TVs produced by Samsung makes with its the 40-inch model a high tech product high offer an impressive quality of the image in the same time with a extreme precision and an impressive design. The TV is not really cheap. Is it worth ? Let’s see the test results and the review. 🙂

The expectations before test

Samsung-UE40D7000The D7000 series was presented for the first time at CES 2011. This new generation of 3D TVs from Samsung makes a step forward, the TVs have good quality design and the display performance was much increased. The border of the display has just 5mm wide and few new technologies was introduced to improve the quality of the image.

The UE40D7000 produced by the Korean manufacturer is coming with a new connectivity technology called SmartHub, able to offer a more faster connectivity. We’ve tested for you the UE40D7000 model which is the 40 inch model of the D7000 series.

The reality

The Samsung is decided to change its design philosophy and this TV has a truly impressive design. The border is very thin and this create the illusion of uniqueness, a concept which integrates the image of the TV with the environment.

This concept was made the next changes: the borders are now surrounded by a transparent border to smooth the transition from the panel to the environment. Another interesting thing is the design of the LCD pane, very well integrated in the border, almost in the same plane with it.

High quality of the image

The entire D7000 generation uses S-PVA technology for its panels, which is a very inspired choice. Samsung UE40D7000 uses a powerful Edge LED backlight technology. This idea offers good homogeneity of the image and a very impressive backlight light. Our tests revealed a maximum brightness of 359 cd / m2 on average over the entire panel, measured in 9 points. In the same time, the contrast ratio is good, with 5489:1 in standard mode and 4458 in movie mode. The levels of blacks are good, with about 0.05 cd / m2 on average, after the measurements. Another advantage provided by this display is the horizontal viewing angles which are very wide: 87 ° according to our test. This is an impressive result for such a display.

Samsung uses the image editing in real time, for different image problems improvements. This works very well in our tests and the result is a very good quality improvements of the images.In the same time you can adjust all these options. You have full access to the the editing options and you are able to reduce the image delay (sometimes called input lag) of the screen. For this, you must activate the screen mode choosing the “game” mode. You must know that you are not able to disable the entire dynamic backlight. Even in these conditions, the image quality is one of the best ever seen in our tests.

Better results in “ghosting” removal

The 3D technology seems to make huge steps forward with this new series of TVs. One of the most important problems of the 3D TVs is the ghosting effect / crosstalk. The engineers from Samsung was understand this things and was introduced in UE40D7000 new technologies able to remove almost total the ghosting effect, very disturbing in the fast scenes. The results are excellent and the image is almost free of any ghosting effect.

The 3D uses the active technology with success, the realistic effect being one of the best effects seen in ours tests.

Full access to online services

This series introduces the SmartHub interface technology. This is totally developed by Samsung and make a step forward, compared with its predecessors. This include a lot of multimedia functions and included all the services connected. The formats supported are the video files, music, photo and the DLNA standard. From a single interface you are able to access all these formats or to download the latest apps from the Samsung page. You are able to see the video files from on a HD resolution.
Samsung UE40D7000 introduce its own browser and a search engine capable to find information in all these locations: the web, home network storage device or other sources.The browser was developed by Samsung and offers good stability.

Compatible with MKV files

If you compare the UE40D7000 with previous models you will see that the multimedia capability was much improved. The TV is fully compatible with the Xvid files and with the MKV, WMV and DivX formats. However, this TV is not able to be comparable with the dedicated media players but it still offer good quality of the image provided, even the source of the file is internal.

Review conclusions

After our tests and measurements we can said that the new 3D TV UE40D7000 produced by Samsung has an impressive design and offers high quality of the image. If you have enough money, this model is one of the best choice from the market.

Technical specifications

Technologies :TFT
Brightness :Glossy (glossy)
Backlight :LED (LED LCD) – “Micro Dimming”
Type: LED Edge
Backlit by white LEDs placed on the sides of the screen (slim).
Aspect (ratio) :16:09
Viewable :102 cm (40 “)
Resolution :1920 x 1080
Contrast Ratio :Mega Contrast
Format / Standard :
HD TV 1080p1080p HDTV : HDMI + HDCP + YUV + 1920×1080 16:9 min. + + 50/60/24Hz 1080p HD Tuner MPEG4
Note: Previously labeled “Full HD” + + 1080/24p HD Tuner
3D Compatibility :This TV is compatible 3D (3D Ready “)
Technology used: 3D active (active shutter or alternating), requires active LCD glasses.
1 pair of glasses is provided.
Embedded technology allows conversion 2D-3D real-time.
– 3D Mode (Off / = 2D> 3D / Side by Side / Top-Bottom-Line-by-line / vertical line / Exchequer / Frame sequential)
– 3D Effect: Sets 3D effects such as perspective and depth to an optimal quality 3D.
– 3D Perspective (-5 ~ +5): Adjusts the overall perspective of the 3D image on the screen.
– Depth (1 ~ 10): Adjusts the overall depth.
– Changing G / D (Image G / D / Image D / G): swaps the left and right images.
– 3D ? 2D (Off / On): Displays only the image to the left eye.
– 3D Display Car (Stop / Warning / On)
– Optimized 3D: Setting global 3D effect.
Image processing :
Fluidity actual: 200 Hz + scanning backlight
Explanations on the technology 800 Hz / 200 HzTechnology 800 Hz Clear Motion Rate (reduced persistence)
Progressive Scan: Progressive scan in a single pass
3D Engine HyperReal
24p Real Movie (consistent 24 frames per second)
Plus color enhancement
Ultra Clear Panel (enhances the depth of black)
Audio :
Compatible with Dolby Digital Plus
SRS TruSurround HD (virtual 5.1 surround sound)Audio system: 2 x 10 Watt RMS
SRS TruDialog (to accentuate the intensity of a voice)
SRS TheaterSound HD
SRS CS Headphone (virtual 5.1 surround sound in the headphones)
3D Audio technology (only available when viewing 3D content)
Compatible with Dolby Pulse
Audio mode (Standard / Music / Movies / Clear Voice / Amplifier)
Equalizer (Libra / 100 Hz – 300 Hz – 1 kHz / 3 kHz / 10 kHz)
Featured Speaker (Loudspeaker ext / TV Speaker)
Auto Volume (Off / Normal / Night): to balance the volume level on each channel.
Dissemination of sound options (Language Audio Format / Audio Description) “digital channels only”
DTV Audio Level (MPEG / HE-AAC) “digital channels only”
Selecting the Sound Mode (Mono / Stereo / Dual)
SPDIF (Audio format / Audio Delay)
Comp Dolby Digital (Line / RF)
TV Tuner :NICAM Stereo tuner 1
Digital tuner (digital) :A digital tuner (DVB-T / Digital Terrestrial Tuner)
TNT SD compatible MPEG2 and MPEG4 HDTV (flow of the second generation, used for streaming SD and HD)
Explanations on TNT HD and check out our guide on transition to digital .
Satellite Tuner :1 SAT receiver (DVB-S / Digital Tuner for Satellite Reception)
Compatible with SD MPEG2 and MPEG4 HD (2nd generation flow, used for streaming SD and HD)
Compatible with DiSEqC (Digital Satellite Equipment Control) version 1.2
Compatible with the DVB-S2
See the file on the Freeview satellite .
Cable Tuner :A demodulator Cable (DVB-C / Digital Tuner for Reception of Cable)
Compatible with SD MPEG2 and MPEG4 HD (2nd generation flow, used for streaming SD and HD)
TV Guide :yes
Teletext :yes