Samsung ST600


A new dual display gadget

When we compare it with its competitors, Samsung as a company is the only producer which offers digital compact cameras with a screen placed on the front of device. The latest model with this feature is called ST600.


The latest camera with dual display produced by Samsung is the ST600. It is a new member of this interesting family of point and shoot cameras. This is a gadget which combines a wide touchscreen, the mini-display from the front of camera (for self portraits), and an interesting design. Are these elements, however, enough to make this device a really good compact camera ?


samsung-st600The ST600 is obviously not a luxury product, but it seems to be built in a correct manner. The case is made of plastic and is surrounded by gray on three of its sides. This seems to offer this camera a very refined look. Another good thing is the display with its touch screen and 1,152,000 pixels. However, the touch of the plastic case is not very pleasant, but overall the material showed no weakness at first view.

A well-equipped camera ?

At first look, the ST600 is a relatively well-equipped camera. However, this just a first impression. In reality, ours tests revealed that the camera was slow. Very slow. Because of the touch screen whose slightly delayed answer was easy to spot from the beginning. For example, it took about four seconds to react, with stops between shots. These stops were of about 3.5 seconds in our performed tests.
The slowness of ST600 seems to be related to wrong technical choices, such as using memory cards in microSD / SDHC formats. However, in the field of photography the speed of the ST600 digital camera must be measured with products from the same family. But neither of them is as slow as this one.

You can shoot videos yourself

One of the most important advantages of this camera is the 1.8-inch display on the front of device. This screen is very handy if you want to take portrait shots by yourself or with your friends. The resolution of this display is low, but it’s enough for this purpose. You must wait about 4 seconds until every picture loads. This is not the fastest camera we’ve seen and your friends can leave the building by the time you snap a picture. With this camera you will loose a lot of special moments to take photos because the loading time is really slow.

Images are good, but videos are weak

We tested the ST600 and we can say that image quality is not impressive in terms of colors. They still look flattering and are pleasant to look at. A good thing is that device is able to take good pictures in low light, without you having to use the flash option. Another good thing: the optical elements, with a wide-angle (27 mm) that is very good for capturing the center of the image. However, the edges seem to be not very well done.
The optical zoom of the camera (5x) has a low speed, like the entire camera in fact. Zooming when it comes to videos is good, but automatically stops the sound in the moment of zooming. The video mode is not Full HD, but the resolution is about 1280 x 720 pixels and better controlled compared to other devices. Another weak point is the compression of movies (from internal software), which is a real disappointment even if it still offers a good show.

Review conclusion

The ST600 is a good option if you are a narcissistic person and you want to capture pictures of yourself every second. The display on the front of the camera is good because it can guide you to capture the best picture of yourself in the center of the image. However, you must know that this camera suffers because of the very low loading speed. We tested for our review a lot of cameras, but this one seems to be the slowest camera we ever found. We believe that you can buy a better camera at a better price.

Technical specifications

Resolution14.2 MP
Chip TypeCCD
Optical Zoom5
Screen Size3.5
Image StabilizerOptical Stabilizer
Battery modelSamsung SLB-07A
Total weight145 g