Samsung SP-H03


A powerful LED mini-projector

This LED projector seems to be better than the products launched by other companies. It offers twice the amount of light and has a great design. Also a very good price. Is it a smart choice ?

At this technical level, with a brightness of 30 lumens and a resolution of 800 x 480 points, the new SP-H03 mini-projector has a luxury design and great price. Competing products are almost smashed by this device’s performance.

We can tell you we almost had a heart attack before the test when we locked eyes with the product for the first time in this review. That always a dangerous exercise for your health. With this projector (or miniature projector) sporting LED technology (and without any lamp replacements!), Samsung seems to have been very inspired. But this is one of those products with real usefulness and with a brimful of technology, without forgetting the new and purely “geek” purpose. They all provide the instant need to own such a work of art.

Great brightness: 30 lumens

samsung-h03-projector1If you only look at the technical part, the SP-H03 has a trump card, namely a brightness of 30 lumens. Where the competition’s – 3M, Aiptek, Optoma and so on – products only have 15 lumens. So, both in shadows and darkness, the resolution of 800 x 480 pixels achieves a diagonal of 2 m of the “screen”. These attractive features already make the SP-H03 have a really good size. The body is a sort of cube measuring 7 cm. Add 1GB of internal memory, an SD slot, a USB port and battery life able to offer 2 h of power (which we have not yet had the opportunity to check) and you’re set for great things.
As for audio, a speaker of 1W is present, plus a 3.5mm format output jack. The only small disappointment – even if the device has the advantage of being fairly quiet – is the absence of a remote control. Control is then accessible on the top of the projector, which incorporates several hover buttons.

Compatible with Office Viewer

You can think: what use does this projector actually have ? Compatible with Office Viewer (the license is included), the SP-H03 can read all files from the Microsoft Office and format directly in their native format. To this we must add MP3 playback and WMA for music, photos in JPEG, BMP, PNG and GIF and MPEG-4 video, WMV9 and other popular formats, as well. Clearly, most audio and video files should be decoded to DivX without the device needing a computer. We therefore leave you to imagine the uses that can be made of SP-H03. Which can be connected, optionally, to a USB stick, external drive, cell phone and of course a computer via the input D-SUB port included in its default configuration.

The Samsung SP-H03 is expected to become available in stores at a price of 249 euros.

Positive points (pros)

* Size (mini-projector) and impressive design;
* Brightness of the projector (for its size);
* Very silent;
* An autonomy of 2 hours (not checked in test);
* Resolution above average for this format;
* License for Office Viewer included in the price;
* Ability to decode multimedia;
* Good price;

Negative points (c0ns)

* Absolutely no remote control;

Technical specifications

Technology: LED;
Brightness (Lumens): 30;
Maximum Resolution: 800 x 480 pixels;