Samsung SP-A400B


A new powerful projector

Looking for a projector to buy for your house or apartment can be a difficult thing to do, since there are a lot of good and excellent ones out there. Many popular companies decided to manufacture one and Samsung is one of them. They have released such a gadget and named it Samsung SP-A400B. They claim that users will have “sharp text and vibrant images anywhere if you have the SP-A400B projector.” We were curious to see if their device really delivered, so we tested it for this review.

720p HD resolution

The latest Samsung SP-A400B looks like it has just landed out of a sci-fi movie; it has a diagonal form and its exterior is piano black; the gadget is sleek, glossy and curvaceous. It’s definitely an intriguing projector when compared to others available today.
As for specs, this new projector sports the following: native XGA (1024 x 768) resolution, 2500:1 contrast ratio and 2000 ANSI lumens (for ambient light presentations in monitor mode and 1000 ANSI for optimized movie mode dark room home theater viewing); the latter were a bit too much. The contrast ratio was good for a business projector, but its value was a bit too low when talking about home cinema. When compared to other such gadgets, this one has an aspect ratio of 15:9 and a 1280 x 768 format; using a 16:9 would have meant a loss of 24 pixels bottom and top. Samsung-SP-A400B

Quiet cooling fans

The resolution enabled the SP-A400B projector to display a standard 1024 x 768 computer screen to be displayed without having to cram it into a 720 pixels high screen, which would have translated into bad image quality.
Projectors are big because they need to have quiet fans. The latest Samsung one falls in the middle category with its measurements. We liked the fact that it was reasonably quiet, so we weren’t distracted by its fans when watching a movie with friends; when we tested it for our review, the audible noise figure was 28dB in theater mode and 32dB in bright mode.

BrilliantColor technology

When it came to color response, the SP-A400B projector performed better than others thanks to a technology called BrilliantColor; the latter managed to provide a 50% increase in color brightness and smooth and accurate colors, with a lot of vividness: they were both film-like and true-to-life. Moreover, the above mentioned technology offered three-color light-filter wheel which allowed for 6 separate color channels (instead of the standard 3). What was more, the Samsung SP-A400B did a good job of mixing the said colors.

Medium performance

Now let’s see how this projector performed in the connectivity department. The device boasts the following ports and inputs: 1 composite and 1 component-video, PC (D-sub 15 pin), 1 monitor pass-through VGA connector 1 HDMI and 1 VGA. There’s no audio input.
Overall performance wasn’t as good as other projectors. Brightness output was decent and pictures looked good in darkened environments but bad when we wanted to watch a movie during the day; whenever we switched to movie mode, subtle color details improved, but image became half as bright as before.
The gadget ships with a special feature, called DarkChip2 DLP. As for warranty, Samsung offers 3 years.

Review conclusion

All in all, the new Samsung SP-A400B was designed to be used by both consumers and business users. It might be better to buy one which focuses on a single category.

Technical specifications

Vertical Resolution600
Horizontal Resolution800
Weight in gr900
Brightness150 lumens
Contrast Ratio (X / 1)1000
TechnologyDMD / DLP
HD ready (High Definition TV Compatible)Not
TypeMini LED
DVD PlayerNot
WLAN functionNot
Height in cm6.45
Width in cm14.75
Depth in cm14.55