Samsung Series 9 NP900X3C-A01


A new generation of notebooks

When Samsung first introduced their Series 9 a while back, consumers loved it. But because we are in 2012, the South Korean manufacturer thought it was high time to come with a fresh take on this laptop. So they launched the follow-up, called $1,299 Series 9 NP900X3C-A01. But let’s see how this device behaved during the tests we performed on it. Here’s the review we did on that.

Improved external design

At least in terms of looks, Samsung’s new Series 9 NP900X3C-A01 has a better design that its predecessor. We couldn’t help but notice its polished looks that include a much sought-after thinness and flexibility. But we also saw that its surface is the one which will quickly cover in fingerprints. The overall elegance is offered by aluminum, the main material it is made of. Not only that, but this device is also easier to hold, thanks to its only 2.6 pounds.

Another pro we were quick to notice was that this laptop’s charger doesn’t weigh a ton, either.

The Series 9 NP900X3C-A01 has a screen of 13.3″. The number of pixels this means is 1,600 x 900. With them on-board, the display is capable of great things. Such as like we observed in tests, wonderfully easy to read text from whatever angle. Colors are all as good as expected from such a

Good battery life

The keyboard here comes with backlight. It offers a good typing experience. Not the best ever, but certainly not awful. We did not have as much surface to rest our palms, though. But well, this is something which should not be a major con. If it is, there are always other laptops to choose from.

But the thing that made us all giddy inside was battery life. It delivered a total of 7 hours. If that isn’t awesome, what is? Imagine what you can do in 7 hours.

A third-gen Intel Core i5 and i7 CPU keeps juices flowing on the NP900X3C-A01. This processor makes the laptop wake up in a very short time. Day-to-day activities are performed at very fast speeds. Overall, this is a CPU that does much better than the others on preceding Samsung laptops.

But we didn’t really enjoy the fact that this model had an SSD which didn’t have a great capacity. And graphics were not the discrete type. But other than that, the device packs a good GPU of Intel HD 4000. With its help we could play games that weren’t too demanding. And performance was decent and enjoyable.

Multitouch clickpad

There is a clickpad, too, and it’s a multitouch one. It is not the best we have ever reviewed, though. Sure, it responded well, but this did not really last throughout the period we spent playing with it.

The webcam featured on this laptop is a good addition. There is nothing wrong with its light sensitivity.

There are not many connectivity options on this model. We’ll give you some of them: 1 Ethernet port, 1 microHDMI, 1 SD card slot and several USB ports.

Warranty for this product is for the duration of 1 year.

To listen to music or movie lines, the notebook sports stereo speakers. But you will have to make sure you have earphones or headphones within your reach. Sound quality is not excellent.

Review conclusion

Granted, the fresh Samsung Series 9 NP900X3C-A01 does not really live to the expectations of the original one. But it has many pros. So the fact that it doesn’t pack that many features or a smaller price is not something to really make on stay away from this model.