Samsung Series 7 Slate 700T


A new Windows tablet

Nowadays it seems that the latest Nook Tablet and Kindle Fire are all people are talking about. Little do they know that the two mentioned above aren’t the only 2 gadgets in the world. There are many new Windows tablets to choose from and they are nearly as good as Amazon’s Kindle Fire and the Nook Tablet. Take for instance Samsung’s Series 7 Slate 700T, one of the fastest tablet to ever grace our tests. This product has only two downsides: the $1,349 price and the usual awkward onscreen Windows typing experience. Find out more about this tablet from our following review.

11.6″ display

In the design department, the Samsung Series 7 Slate 700T is similar to other tablets out there with its edge-to-edge glass over the front surface that covers the display, a slightly rounded back plastic panel and a thick black bezel. The plastic rear panel didn’t make a good impression with us, because when we used a little pressure the product flexed, meaning that users won’t be able to use it on the road. Other than that, the device presents itself with a clean look that will surely attract many eyes and also accentuate the presence of the 11.6″ screen.
As was the case when we checked the iPad for the first time, Samsung’s tablet is also heavy enough not to hold it with only one hand for more than half an hour. Along the 4 edges of this tablet sit controls, ports and connections; on the right are the microSD card slot, power and rotation lock buttons and on the left are placed the AC power, headphone and Micro-HDMI. The top edge sports mic inputs; a docking connector is on the bottom edge and it can attach itself to a sold-separately docking stand offering headphone jacks, full-size HDMI and USB ports, Ethernet and a second AC adapter connection.Samsung-Series-7-Slate-700T

Swype onscreen keyboard

The default Swype onscreen keyboard was OK, but its auto-correct feature made inputting passwords and usernames a real pain; and then there was the problem with the constant lagging. The sound was really unimpressive.

The 11.6″ screen of Slate 700T was responsive and it didn’t need constant recalibration during our tests. A downside: most of our finger inputs in Windows resulted in a tiny target reticule; this means that users will have to search around to hit the close or maximize controls of a folder properly. The same finger input worked better on the tablet’s custom user interface. We should warn you that the display is really glossy. Viewing angles were excellent and the resolution made for great-looking images.

Intel Core i5-2467M processor

The Samsung Series 7 Slate 700T uses a 1.6GHz Intel Core i5-2467M. It makes the gadget run really fast, almost as fast as the beloved iPad. The $1,349 model ships with a 128GB SSD and the $1,099 one has 64GB. Windows 7 Home Premium (64-bit) w/ SP1 is this device’s operating system.

We were very impressed with the battery life performance. On our video playback battery drain test, the system ran for 4 hours and 30 minutes, better than other tablets we revewed in the past. The warranty offered by the Series 7 Slate 700T is 1 year for parts and labor. We must say that customer support – with telephone, e-mail and Twitter options – was very good.

Review conclusion

To sum it up this review, Samsung’s newest tablet – the Series 7 Slate 700T – is a good enough device with superb battery life and great speed. But the high price won’t probably convince people to buy it, since the iPad comes at $500 and has an overall better performance and features.

Technical specifications

Graphics* Graphics Shared with System Memory
* Intel® HD Graphics 3000
Operating System* Genuine Windows® 7 Home Premium (64-bit)
Multimedia* 2.0 megapixel Webcam
Storage* 64GB Solid-state Drive
Processor* Intel® Core i5 Processor 2467M (1.6GHz, 3MB L3 Cache)
Main Chipset* Intel HM65 Chipset
Memory* 4GB DDR3 System Memory at 1333MHz (on BD 4GB)
Communication* Bluetooth V3.0 High Speed
* Inte®l Centrino® Advanced-N 6230, 2 x 2 802.11abg/n (up to 300Mbps), Widi Support
Connectivity* P-Dock Port
Battery* 4 Cell (41Wh) battery