Samsung PND8000 series


A new 3D plasma series TV

Coming behind their successors, the PNC8000 series, but with significant enhancements, the Samsung PND8000 series bring fresh on the market plasma TVs featuring touch screen remote, Smart TV and built in WiFi.
Plasma TVs are “hot” these days, and we predict they will remain like this for some time, as long as new features are brought almost with every new model. And why shouldn’t they be, when they do so good in entertaining you.

LCD Touch Control TV remote

The Samsung PND8000 come with Samsung apps, with an universal search and Web browser, allowing you to search across mobile devices and networked PCs, Internet channels and on demand video services. The series are available in 51 inch, 59 inch and 64 inch, being equipped with a four legged stand and a distinctive thin plastic bezel that gives the frame an aluminum look.
The new PND8000 series has a rather futuristic look not only because of the above, but also thanks to the LCD Touch Control TV remote with a virtual QWERTY keypad. This virtual remote permits you access over the internet the Samsung apps in a very intelligent way. Via the built- in 3- inch display, you can do your job on the internet and also let others watch tv, because you can split the screen in two. And more, you can also control the home theater. Samsung-PND8000-series

Cinema Smooth processing

Regarding the color rendering, the Samsung PND8000 series made a good impression on us when we’ve performed the test for this review. The black levels are very good, as this is because of the Real Black Filter picture enhancements. The series also impress the eye via the Local Contrast Enhancer and Cinema Smooth processing. On a completely black screen, we could see that the black uniformity is very good, without any upsetting flashing in the corners, as we sometimes noticed on other models.
The Samsung Samsung PND8000 series embody a harmonious combination of image quality, content-rich features, good specs and design, and proved to have a capable anti-reflective filter. The 3D image quality is superb, as it has been improved with the use of active shutter glasses which sent 1080 lines to each eye, making the image more clear.

SRS TheaterSound technology

As for connectivity, the Smart Hub internet portal is not difficult to use. For our review, we played with it to the full and we must admit it zoomed us out. It features many apps and services, as Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Vimeo, Picasa, Google Maps, many many games and books for children, Web browser and much more. So we can say that the hub really deserves its name. The Samsung PND800 has also a new feature, called ConnectShare, part of Allshare technology by Samsung, via which you can see your pictures, videos and movies right on the big screen using a USB connection. The series are also equipped with SRS TheaterSound, Digital Audio Input and 3 USB v2.0 Unit Size ports.

Review conclusion

The 51-inch model from Samsung PND8000 series we tested and reviewed delivered outstanding image quality, color uniformity and responsiveness. If we were to compare it, only a Panasonic V30 could come close to this performance, but for the common buyer differences will be felt only in what concerns the price. Although we used only one of the 3 for test, we have been told that no differences should be felt between them, in terms of image and color quality. With the PND8000 series, Samsung delivered a good product on the market, which is for sure a worrying reason for its competitors.