Samsung Optical Smart Hub SE-208BW


A mobile gadget for home

Mobile devices you want to be able to carry everywhere have an ally in Samsung’s Optical Smart Hub SE-208BW. This digital hub should only be used when you’re traveling. Not at home, because it will pose some problems. It’s simply not made to be used there. This external optical reader/recorder has multiple functions and is overall a good representative of its kind. This review will tell you what made us say that.

Compact design

The $130 Samsung Optical Smart Hub SE-208BW has, first and foremost, an inspired size. You’ll rub your eyes in confusion, because this device looks like an external DVD recorder in dimensions. However, since its job is to work with DVD disks, this device has a compact body. The pull-out tray that’s used in laptops’ DVD drives is also used by this product. On the front was placed the standard button for eject. The rear of the device was chosen to house a USB 2.0 port and a miniUSB connector. The latter is for connecting this gadget to your computer without any risk. But there won’t be any networking possible.Samsung-Optical-Smart-Hub-SE-208BW

A Y-shaped miniUSB cable is there to offer an alternative for more power. The A female USB port is house for an external hard drive. When users employ the Smart Hub as a networking device. The device also broadcasts digital content that is found on an external hard drive connected to a Wi-Fi mobile product. The latter has to run Android or iOS.

Fast connectivity

A means of helping with setup is a booklet. The CD that accompanies it is also very useful. To make sure everything is in order, the user needs to own a PC running on Windows and enabled with Wi-Fi. The software that’s used to get the thingie set up is a proverbial pain. It was so annoying when, in tests, we were forced to type in our Wi-Fi network info every single time we ran this silly software. It didn’t matter that our PC had already gone through a setup. We did some tweaking and still the set up process was annoying and we had to repeat it again and again and again. Then we saw that the process could be skipped to avoid the frustration. We connected a mobile device Android or iOS to the default Wi-Fi network, ran an application free of charge and then followed the rest of the easy process.

We afterwards set to test this to see what it could do. And we are glad to announce that it exceeded expectations. The exact same movie was simultaneously shown on various gadgets. If you load audio CDs on an external hard drive, the same happens. Now that’s a veritable pro. In the event that your mobile product supports readers, that’s a great way of viewing documents.

2.4GHz compatible

Access point for the Smart Hub SE-208BW is a single-band. It is only compatible with a 2.4GHz frequency only. The one pro to rule over the others is this: users have the possibility to back up the data on their mobile gadget on a blank CD or on an external hard drive wirelessly.

Range of this product for sharing on the net is 230 feet. 100 feet for streaming content in high definition. Speaking of streaming: we loved it at the end of this review. There is support for 4 Wi-Fi clients.

Review conclusion

The Samsung Optical Smart Hub SE-208BW is in the category of hit or miss. Some will like it, some will detest it.

  1. erik at 2:57 pm

    This is another example of a company pushing a product that does not fit in with the daily regimen of most people. You can use it on the go, but not at home? So you need to sit and think which devices you can use depending on your location? That doesn’t sound very convenient at all. I signed up for DISH when I started working at one of their call centers, and have been exceptionally pleased with the way they tie all of their technologies together. They make it so easy to transfer from one platform to another, while keeping it reasonable on the budget. I have a Sling Adapter, and with the free DISH Remote Access app for my Android I can take all my live channels and DVR with me on the go. I also love going to when I’m at my laptop or PC. I can get a hold of thousands of TV shows, movies, clips and PPV, and completely control my system when I am either at home or on the go. DISH is the only one to bring it all together, not make it harder to use!

    • Gemini201 at 1:46 am

      I would have to say it’s a energy saving portable media server suited for anywhere especially at the home.

      It’s a wireless media server capable of streaming photos, videos, audio CDs and DVD movies on Android and iOS devices (phones & tablets) using Wi-Fi.