Samsung NX20


A compact camera with good performance

Compact system cameras are some of the most sought-after products in the world. Even if smartphones and tablets are in first position when it comes to consumers’ needs. South Korean company Samsung used to make a lot of such devices which had great performance, design and so on. After a period of silence from them, the manufacturer recently revealed its latest compact system cam. Its name: NX20. This gadget is definitely one to own. In the next paragraphs we will tell you why we think so in this review.

Auto Backup technology

For starters, the Samsung NX20 comes with the company’s trademark design. And by that we mean that this camera looks very good. It is painted black, which offers it an elegant appearance. It will not get covered in hard to remove fingerprints while you use it. Also, you will have a great grip on it while snapping pics of recording clips. And it is going to be easy to operate, because it does not weigh a ton. We could put it in a bag with ease. But of course if you want a camera easy to fit in your pocket, this model is not what you you are after.

The type of display the NX20 packs is one that makes it very easy to read text, options and so on. The fact that it is articulated translated, during our test, into the fact that we could use the cam for many things. Which included the following: video capture, taking photos from a macro angle and from waist height. The device’s electronic viewfinder is not the same as on the old model. This time, this feature is able to deliver great sharpness. We especially loved the quality of colors. Since there is a resin that makes sure to eliminate reflections, the kind of black levels delivered is great-looking.

This camera features a strong SVGA 1400 pixel electronic viewfinder, a 20.3MP APS-C CMOS light sensor able to capture the light with a ISO range between of 100-12800. This model is able to offer full HD movies at a resolution of 1080p, recording with stereo sound, 3D mode and a speed of the shutter up to 1/8000 seconds. The built in pop up flash and the 3 inch swivelling display completes the features of this impressive camera. Other characteristics are: the i-Function technology, the intelli-zoom and Smart Filters capabilities. The manual controls are able to increase capability to capture the dark and the bright zones of the image. The physical dimensions of the camera are 89.6 x 122 x 39.5mm.


If you want to have the clips and pics on your laptop, there is something called Auto Backup. The process can be a hit or miss. For us it worked well enough, compared with other reviewed cameras. Even so, it’s nice to know that there’s this option to fall back on.

Wi-Fi included

We were also happy to see that Samsung finally decided to make the Remote Viewfinder better. The built-in Wi-Fi is always a good feature to have. Because it allows for many things to be done without the user sitting close to a home network.

We hoped to see more from this camera in terms of speeds. From what we saw in tests, the NX20 was really slow in most of the really important areas. Such as shot-to-shot option, continuous speed, capture and going from off to on/ready to snap pics or shoot videos.

However, all of that changed when we took a look at the quality of the pics we snapped with the Samsung NX20. Which was close to perfection. Even ISOs of 6400 produced good-looking photos. We already mentioned the superb sharpness and colors, so we’ll comment instead on automatic exposure and resolution: they were very accurate and great. So much so, that videos also looked almost flawless. You get all kinds of pro points, such as settings, modes and so on.

Review conclusion

A compact system camera with a great performance at a good price is kind of hard to find. So that’s why we recommend Samsung’s NX20. Well, minus the high price it has. And some cons. But overall, this is a good device to own.