Samsung LN32D450


A classic 32 inch LCD TV

Samsung gained a lot of fans with the LN32C450 LCD TV they released almost 2 years ago. Conscious of that, the company tried their luck again by producing the LN32D450. Not wanting to risk too much with too many new features, the ones that are on this model are the same with the features on that version of the series. The most notable novelties are a third HDMI input, SRS TruSurround HD, AnyNet+ and the ability to watch video off a USB thumb drive. The Samsung LN32D450 has a price of $399. To see what tests told us about this TV, see this review we worked on.

Calibration for optimal results

On its front, the Samsung LN32D450 features what has already become standard for the manufacturer: black plastic. It’s a glossy sort of plastic, which inevitably means fingerprints. A lot of them, naturally. Touch of Color is the name of the design that bezel is covered in. With it, this TV has become bolder than the original one. Yet not so much as to become obnoxious. The lightness of the product will make many customers happy to avoid hospitals.Samsung-LN32D450

When there were no non-HD sources, the LN32D450 rendered colors in a dim way. It mainly felt as if the light was not enough to make colors appear rich. While we played a movie in our tests, motion artifacts caught our attention and were enough to annoy us; even if they were shown in the background. Problems didn’t exist in the foreground. The amount of details was certainly pleasing and made watching any sort of content an experience we wanted to repeat. The calibration we did fixed the overall performance and delivered the exact quantity of details in very dark shadows.

Excellent levels of black

The HDMI input enhanced the performance of images. We noticed that colors practically outshone everything else. And every other TV so far. We gave our best to get rid of blurs that happened when we panned slowly; no success. They stubbornly made themselves known at any time.

The display of the Samsung LN32D450 isn’t clear. Of course the depth of pictures was close to the lowest value. Black levels weren’t that great compared to most other TVs. Thankfully the contrast made it all better in the end of this review. Even though it robbed the screen of excellent levels of black, the anti-glare touch was splendid when we didn’t want to be bothered by blindingly bright lights.

AnyNet+ technology

That AnyNet+ feature that is pre-installed on the LN32D450 means this: the communication between devices made by Samsung is tons easier. Also: remote controls can easily be shared by these devices.

For a cheap remote control, the buttons we pressed in our zapping quest were large and the spaces between them were generous. Sadly, they didn’t offer backlight, that’s why we watched the TV with the lights on. The menu contains all the noteworthy settings and then some more. We are used to Samsung being interested in delivering good sound. They seem to have forgotten to do that on this model. At best, what we heard was in the decent range. What helps it get better is the SRS TruSurround option.

Review conclusion

The Samsung LN32D450 is a simple TV that will stay and play nice in any of the rooms you settle it. The features and its specs are amazing for such a device that is smaller than all the other Samsung TVs combined.