Samsung LN32C450


A powerful 32 inch LCD TV

Launched in March 2010, Samsung LN32C450 is supposed to be an All-In-One Cinema system for every household. Frankly, I was already aware that Samsung is nowadays producing top TVs, that can easily compete with TV series like Bravia or Viera, therefore when we had to review and test LN32C450, I was pretty much expecting good things to happen.

3HDMI ports

Samsung-LN32C450First of all, the screen is of 32 inches, therefore it is perfect for small (to medium) rooms. Secondly, we must say that it features 3 HDMI jacks, an USB port, and a PC jack. These jacks are already a must-have among all the top screens, therefore nothing impressive so far.

Connect Share technology

However, what makes out of Samsung LN32C450 a hell of a TV, are the special features it comes with.

For instance, Connect Share Movie option allows its users to connect the TV to a camera and see on the screen all the pictures from the memory card. Moreover, this can be set up directly from the remote, therefore a big “plus” for innovating in this domain.

Automatically setting of colors

Another feature that we really liked was the Wide Color Enhancer. Basically, this feature detects the level of luminosity from the room, and sets the brightness in a complimentary way, in such a manner that will definitely satisfy the users. The resolution of the panel is a HD ready one, 720p.

As concerning the quality of the images, I was impressed to see that Samsung LN32C450 runs a contrast ratio of 60,000:1 and delivers a clear image, with no defects, ghost images or unclear shades. Moreover, as the monitor can be used instead of a monitor, you’ll be pleased to see that during the Gaming Mode, certain settings will be activated: for instance, the images will become sharper, the reply time will decrease to 1 ms from an average of 3 ms, and most of all, the sound system will be adjusted so it can offer a surrounding system. In the tests performed for this review, the results was excellent.

Good quality of sound

Speaking of audio, Samsung LN32C450 runs 2 speakers of 10 real watts each, speakers that surprisingly, are quite powerful. How powerful? Imagine that we were 4 guys speaking loud in a big camera, and the audio system was covering all of us with ease. Though, the sound is enhanced by the DNSE feature, which is meant to reproduce the primary stereo sound.

Eco friendly TV

And finally, as you all may know, Samsung is one of the very few eco tech producers. Its products are world wide known to be Power Savers. Therefore, we expected from this model to be a power saver too. And indeed, this LCD screen barely consumes energy: basically, 20-25 watts are consumed per hour, therefore less than a normal light.

Review conclusion

As a conclusion, we must say that we weren’t able to find any flaw regarding Samsung LN32C450, therefore we highly recommend them to those looking forward to buying a new TV for their homes.

Technical specifications

Screen size:81.28 cm
Screen Format:16 / 9
Frequency:50 Hertz
HD:Full HD
Sound:SRS TruSurround HD
Number of speakers:2
Maximum power of speakers:20 Watts
Connectivity:HDMI, USB
Height:56 cm
Depth:27.4 cm
Width:78.4 cm
Weight:9.6 kg