Samsung HMX-W300


A special type of camcorder

Today it’s all about smartphones and phones. Most of the other gadgets have been forgotten. Including minicamcorders. But that does not mean there are no models left. There are and the one we’re reviewing here, Samsung’s HMX-W300, is one of the few which are bravely standing for themselves. This little device is very stoic, even if its looks don’t show what it is really capable of. We’ll tell you more about that in a moment.

Waterproof and shock resistant

Samsung took big steps when it came to choosing a design for its newest HMX-W300. And this effort shows big time. Everything was changed for the better. So that now, this model can easily resist attacks coming from shock, sand, water and other dangerous elements. This camcorder is able to come out safe from the effects of shocks from a 6.5 feet distance. And from a depth of 6.4 feet if you use it in water. To keep dust away, the HMX-W300’s holes for speaker and microphone are smaller than on the previous model. And there is no space anymore around the device’s pad.

The product turned out to be very easy to use in the tests we performed. You are offered every help you need for that. Even beginners will see that this camcorder is not going to give you a headache.Samsung-HMX-W300

Face detection technology

The HMX-W300 boasts a 3x digital zoom. It’s pretty good. Its autofocus could be better, though. And you should not forget that such a type of a digital zoom will consume quite a lot of battery life. And it will also make the quality of images look bad in the end. The device’s focus is 6″ from the subject you want to record. Which is not much. However, maybe one of the best pros on this product is its Pause key. This is not something sported by the other minicamcorders.

The shooting features sported by Samsung’s latest minicamcorder are many and varied. And also very well-chosen by the manufacturer.

Returning to those shooting features, the HMX-W300 sports the following possibilities. The user can record clips whose resolution is only 720p. But the filters you can play with are many. The device can record a total of 30fps at resolution of 720p and 1080p, too. The issue we were faced while testing this product underwater was that its Underwater mode can be accidentally triggered if you don’t pay enough attention. The electronic image stabilization is present. As are the following other options: back-light correction and face detection.

Up to 5.5MP pics

When we wanted to shoot a video in a room that was dark, the device prevented that clip from appearing hard to see. The quality of low-light clips was perfectly acceptable. There is a possibility to snap 2MP stills and videos at the same time. And also 5.5MP pics by employing the device’s Camera mode.

After you’ve taken your photo and recorded a clip, editing follows. That is possible via the minicamcorder’s special software. You will have to know how to work with it, though. We discovered that we did not have to install this software on our laptop. It is there to offer users help when sharing content or simply uploading it. The editing tools it sports are part of a good selection.

Review conclusion

The Samsung HMX-W300 is one of the few camcorders found these days on the market. It offers decent-looking photos and clips, compared with similar reviewed products. But the fact that it can resist against damage is a very good point in its favor.