Samsung HM7000 Bluetooth Headset


A new gadget on the market

Wearing a Bluetooth headset is a good idea when driving through busy traffic, especially when you want to avoid getting into an accident or landing a driving fine. But there are many people who wear this kind of device in completely inappropriate places, like theaters or cinemas; they usually annoy spectators when they decide to answer a call in the middle of a very important scene. If you’re one of those who want a Bluetooth headset to use only when the situation clearly calls for it, Samsung has what you need in the shape of its HM7000. We took the gadget for a spin and wrote the following review.

miniUSB wall charger included

The recent Samsung HM7000 Bluetooth Headset is one of the lightest products in its category, because it weighs only 11g. The unit ships with a charger/carry case, 2 ear hooks, 1 miniUSB wall charger, 2 ear gels and a quick start guide. Sadly there was no user’s manual, but we found that setting the device up was very easy once we started reading the quick start guide. Being such a slim product – measuring just 1.5″ x 3.38″ x 8.5″ – made us forget we were wearing it. And, when we didn’t want to use it anymore, we simply put it in its charger/carrying case which acted both as a protective case and a charging spot. The ear support offered by this HM7000 is made of plastic, which reduces the visibility of the whole device, but not by very much as to become an annoying factor. Almost all Bluetooth headsets have a distracting blue light, but this one features a circular piece of frosted plastic that makes the light quite invisible to other people standing at a distance. Another thing we saw when we started testing the product was an optional curved ear support; after removing it the headset almost fell off. Our advice is to wear it, even if the speaker sits over the ear rather than in it.Samsung-HM7000-bluetooth-headset

A small device

The Samsung HM7000 Bluetooth Headset is quite a small product which is nonetheless preloaded with many great features. Just to name a few: managing text-to speech settings, viewing your Bluetooth headset status on your phone, answering and making calls with simple commands, customizing the settings of your headset with the text-to-speech capabilities offered through an Android app called FreeSync and many other various possibilities. The small dock this gadget came with was able to connect to external power via USB; our readers should also know that the dock had its own battery which, when we tested the headset for this review and it could be charged up to 3 times per day. We could even take the device, put it in our pocket and leave it to charge while moving around in our lab.

Built-in voice commands

The included microphone was somewhat protruding beyond the main body of the headset, but its great advantage was that it featured dual noise cancellation technology which actually worked really well. People we talked to reported they could hear us loud and clear and we had the same experience when talking to them. The HM7000 Bluetooth Headset was also able to reduce and cancel wind noise and echoes.

As a downside, voice commands didn’t work as they should have. Using the headset for Google Voice Search wasn’t possible, so we were stuck with using Motorola’s Bluetooth Commands, for instance, which weren’t impressive. There is, however, recognition on the built-in voice commands, but they don’t offer useful things. On the bright side, the device allowed us to get about 15m away from our phone before it disconnected. Also, battery life meant almost 4 hours of use before recharging the headset.

Review conclusion

To sum it up the test performed for this review, the Samsung HM7000 Bluetooth Headset is an efficient and easy to use device.