Samsung GT-I9250 Galaxy Nexus


Samsung have always been the source of many excellent gadgets. Their GT-I9250 Galaxy Nexus steps in the shoes of the company’s previous smartphones and does a great job of rising to everyone’s high expectations of it. Watch this review to see why we think so highly about this model.

After we started using the GT-I9250 Galaxy Nexus for the very first time in this test, we quickly noticed that its unlocked pentaband radio allowed for easy setup on a US T-Mobile 2G/3G. It even worked with AT&T 2G/3G, a feat that is not achieved by every single smartphone these days.

4.65 inch display

The screen on this smartphone is all sorts of lovely. Its 4.65″ size and high definition quality combine to create one of the best visual experiences ever. There are not many actual physical keys here. The ones you do get to use are located on the touchscreen. Power and Unlock are the only physical buttons that are on the set, ready to be pressed. The portrait keyboard featured on this model was very reliable. Taking this device outside meant we could still see what was on its display even if the sun was shining brightly.Samsung-GT-I9250-Galaxy-Nexus

The processor is a 1.2GHz dual-core version. This makes various operations as quick as ever when you’re talking about a Samsung smartphone. There were no lags to trip over in the tests we performed. The operating system sported by the Samsung GT-I9250 Galaxy Nexus is Google’s Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich. The user interface it brings with it is capable of many nice things. Starting with the navigation and continuing with the very smooth performance.

16GB internal storage

As for how long this device can run: its 1850mAh battery can go for a duration of 1 day. The tasks we did were not so demanding. And the greatest pro of this battery is that it can be easily replaced when that moment comes.

With this phone’s 5MP cam we took nice-looking photos. Clips looked reasonable, too. But remember, this is a smartphone camera, so it’s not like it is going to be the best in town. For that you have other products. But even if pic quality is not smashing, the cam comes with a stock panoramic mode and various software enhancements. Also, we saw no lag when it came to shutter capture. But there is another camera: it sits on the front of the phone and it has 1.3MP. Its performance is the same as the one on the back.

Internal memory means 16GB of storage. However much that may look like, no microSD expansion slot is on board. And that is a shame from our point of view. Other con is the fact that this phone has no dedicated HDMI port. Speaking of which, you do get the possibility to employ a HDMI out. For which the user needs a separate adapter. And that is a major flaw.

Google provided us with Android updates. This is excellent news, because it basically translates into a lack of unnecessary stuff, such as skins for the interface or programs that are never going to be helpful. These updates that come from Google themselves are a major pro.

Review conclusion

The Samsung GT-I9250 Galaxy Nexus is one of the manufacturer’s most stable smartphones. And one of the most adequate when it comes to great performance, interesting specs and looks. So don’t shy away from it.