Samsung Galaxy Tab GT-P7510MAVXAB


A 10.1 inch tablet PC

If you think you need to add a new tablet to your collection, Samsung is high on praising its $469.99 Galaxy Tab GT-P7510MAVXAB. Owners of this gadget have already left a lot of positive remarks on Amazon’s official site. Some of them still think the device should improve certain things and others like it very much imperfections and all. So we tested the tablet to see who’s right and who’s wrong. It’s not that we don’t believe people’s thoughts on the matter; it’s just that we prefer to do things our way. So sit back and prepare for this review.

Solid materials

Portable entertainment today comes in many shapes and sizes. Some are awesome, some are downright appalling. The most recent shape taken is the Samsung Galaxy Tab GT-P7510MAVXAB. The feel and look of this tablet PC are both of best ever quality. The material it’s made from is the very definition of solid. Drop the device and there will be no harm done to it. Trust us, we did that ourselves in our tests. While doing that we heard no creaking. We saw no sign of flexing, either. The rear has a grey plastic on it; this resembles and makes you think of brushed metal. The mention of “plastic” shouldn’t mean you’ll get a cheap-looking tablet. The GT-P7510MAVXAB is a great-looking device.Samsung-Galaxy-Tab-GT-P7510MAVXAB

Just pick it up and you’ll immediately want to never put it back down on the table. That’s because of the body, which is as light and thin as is the norm for Samsung. A 10.1″ display with 1280 x 800 pixels offer HD resolution which means only one thing: great image quality.

Android 3.1 Honeycomb OS

This wide screen had everything we expected from specs such as these. Like very good response after only one press of a finger, smoothness of navigation, superb sensitivity; images looked very detailed, bright and the sun outside didn’t affect visibility. Our eyes didn’t get tired when looking at the display.

Writing is done on an on board keyboard. We typed this review on it and couldn’t have been more happy with how accurate it all was. We didn’t have to repeatedly touch the buttons like crazy to get a reply. Some might say it’s rather large; but better like that than too small. A Swype keyboard can be downloaded and it supports this tablet’s OS. Which OS is Android 3.1 Honeycomb. Expect it to run very smoothly along. The interface is undoubtedly very sleek and great to use. The speed we encountered in our tests was also possible because of the very fine processor. All of the applications we introduced to the processor ran fast. You won’t get see your life slip away in slow motion when watching YouTube videos; the latter loaded very quickly and played without lags.

Good brightness

The iPad 2 has nothing on the Galaxy Tab GT-P7510MAVXAB where cams are concerned. Each of the two are in the front line of quality. If you forgot to take your digital camera, the ones on this tablet will be good replacements.

Maybe in the future Samsung will make the battery of this tablet last over 10 hours. For now, it can go on for as far as 8 hours of battery life. That while brightness is set at almost 80%. So it’s something to be proud of.

Review conclusion

The Samsung Galaxy Tab GT-P7510MAVXAB works very well as a replacement for your tablet. But the iPad 2 is still its major contender.