Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7


A bigger tablet is now available

In the fall of 2011, the Internet was afloat with reviews featuring two Samsung Galaxy tablets with different specs, features and so on. was one of the sites which introduced the gadgets for their readers for the first time. Many believed that Samsung weren’t exactly right in their heads. Because of the many tablets they manufactured in every size ever thought by someone. And two tablets in one month was a bit too much. The Galaxy Tab 7.7 was one of them. If you put it next to the 7.0 Plus, you’ll instantly get hit by differences, with the Tab 7.7 model squarely winning.

Impressive display

If you browse various reviews of the most popular tablets made by Samsung, you’ll notice that many posters use the same words when talking about design. Things like light as a feather, extra thin, the plastic material gives it a cheap look but it is a well-built gadget. And other such thoughts. The Galaxy Tab 7.7 demands to be different from the crowd made from its siblings. And it thankfully is. The plastic element was changed with a thin metal one. The bezels are still narrow and that’s no reason to complain. And no extra grams were added to this model, so we were able to haul it away easily. We did slap our forehead in exasperation when seeing that the door covers were still fragile. But all that matters in the end is the comfort we felt, during tests, when holding this tablet.Samsung-Galaxy-Tab-7.7

Drum roll, please. Because next up is the screen. And oh my, what a screen! We can’t even begin to describe how impressed we were with its quality. Suffice to say that it was love at first sight. Which didn’t die even after a couple of hours spent in front of it. Manufacturers of other tablets: Samsung could teach you a thing or two about how a display should look.

Medium quality camera

No tablet ever made could bring stereo speakers to shame. The Galaxy Tab 7.7 stays true to that philosophy, but its sound quality is better than what we’ve seen so far. But don’t blast music at full volume, because you might just cause distortions. And don’t forget to never watch movies in the landscape mode: sound won’t be stereo.

The camera on the Galaxy Tab 7.7 isn’t really phenomenal. But the photos you’ll take with it will still be very usable. We could see in perfect detail whatever the subject of the pics was, down to every strand of hair or color of a house. And yes, colors were good.

Calling app included

When using the gadget in tests, we navigated it with ease. And we also didn’t throw ourselves out the window: speed, specifications and general response were very good. Pinch-to-zoom were bliss and a blast at the same time.

Samsung says that the battery will last you 10 hours. We come in and add 2 hours. Yes, folks, the 7.7 tablet went on for 12 hours, the best battery life we’ve seen in a tablet. And we had the brightness all the way up and the Wi-Fi on.

There’s a calling app installed with this tablet. You’ll have to have a SIM card for it. We tried it by putting the gadget to our ear. It worked very well, but if you don’t want to look silly, connect a Bluetooth earpiece or some headphones and enjoy your calls.

Review conclusion

The Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7 will make you fall for it from the second you try it. People in the US, you can’t buy this tablet via Amazon or Best Buy. But you can order it at for $668.50. UK consumers can get it domestically.