Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7 4G LTE


An improved tablet idea

Samsung has been on a role for many a years already. They are relentlessly thinking of new gadgets to capture their customers’ attention. And not only their fans’ interest, also new people. They recently seem to have had a lot of success with tablets. If that wasn’t enough, they made another one: Galaxy Tab 7.7 4G LTE. While the previous two models – Galaxy Tab 8.9 and Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus – had some imperfections, this one appears to be better than the two combined. It certainly is more interesting than its siblings. Testing it showed us the following review conclusions.

Metallic design

The Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7 LTE is not the same old plastic-made tablet we’ve come to expect. It was all becoming much too predictable to stand anymore, so the company decided it was time for a change in material. Plastic is now replaced by metal that’s so very stylish. This move is mighty inspired, because the Tab 7.7 LTE looks very stylish indeed. The tribute paid to this elegant form is important; due to it, the device isn’t as solid as earlier models. We don’t mean it breaks at the slightest touch, but don’t try to throw it from a high distance.Samsung-Galaxy-Tab-7.7-4G-LTE

This tablet is, if there won’t appear another one tomorrow, extremely slim. Looking at its front we immediately saw it had a 2MP camera. Video chatting with people you care about will be a very nice experience. On either side of the gadget are different additions. We’ll list a few of them: a mic, dual-speakers, microSD card slot and a button for Power. The rear is the place where you’ll find a camera with 3.2MP. The battery hidden and protected by the back cover is a 5,100 mAh.

WXGA Super AMOLED Plus display

And now forget all of that. We’ll give you a very good reason to drool over the Galaxy Tab 7.7 LTE. That reason is the tablet’s screen. It’s of the 7.7″ WXGA Super AMOLED Plus variety, so it sports 1,280 x 800 pixels of resolution as specs. The degree of quality it contains is unlike anything we’ve stumbled across up until this moment. The display simply exploded with very beautiful colors and great depth of contrast. We were very proud of viewing angles, because our tests showed them to be of the best quality possible.

Operating system isn’t Android’s Ice Cream Sandwich, but version 3.2 Honeycomb. We think that’s a con, especially when so many other gadgets are starting to use version 4.0. User interface is TouchWiz UX. It’s nothing too impressive or too advanced, but it’s OK.

There are three keyboard to make use of: Swype, Samsung’s own model and a default one. Typing this review in portrait mode felt great, so that’s clearly a pro.

1.4GHz dual-core ARM processor

The manufacturer trusted its Galaxy Tab 7.7 4G LTE with an ARM-based 1.4GHz dual-core processor. To which they added 1GB of RAM and total space of 12.67GB. Speed is good, yet not something to make us fall to our knees. Responses for the most part are fast, but throw something intense and it will start to lag.

Using the Internet was remarkable. There were pro points everywhere. And, as a bonus, we could do actions such as kinetic scrolling. Content with some pretty heavy Flash didn’t faze the CPU.

While photos looked acceptable, videos…not so much. So don’t rely on this tablet being great at recording stuff. The battery life was good: it got drained after one day and a bit.

Review conclusion

The Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7 4G LTE is a tablet which, although not excellent, does have a superb screen and looks. Add a nice performance and you’re in your element. The thing to worry about is the price: $699.99 outright cost and $499.99 on contract.