Samsung Galaxy S i9000


An innovative smartphone

Today, I am going to speak about my latest result of one of my favorite phones ever, Samsung Galaxy S i9000.
First of all, before even getting to touch and test this phone, I was more impressed of Samsung’s courage to launch Galaxy S i9000 in more than 100 countries simultaneously. Considering that most of the users weren’t quite aware of how good the phone is, Samsung producer must have had balls of steel in order to make such a big launch for a smartphone based on Android, like this one.

4 inch AMOLED display

Samsung-Galaxy-S-i9000When this model had finally arrived, I couldn’t have been happier. Therefore, follow me in the following lines, just in order to make an image about the phone’s behavior and about its capabilities.
First of all, Galaxy S i9000 comes with a huge 4” AMOLED display and an 1 Ghz Hummingbird processor. Right before starting this review, I was quite anxious to see what’s the loading time of all the applications as I presumed that the Galaxy S should have had a great processing speed, due to its main CPU heart. The tests performed for this analysis confirmed this supposition.

Similar with iPhone design

Secondly, let me tell you that this gadget is pretty similar with the iPhone‘s design. However, it’s not so wide, as the official sizes are 122.4 x 64.2 x 9.9 mm, therefore slightly smaller measures than the iPhone. As expected, the 4” screen occupies most of the screen, as Samsung Galaxy S i9000 has only 3 buttons below the screen, the rest of them being incorporated in the multi-touch screen.
Basically, this phone should run Android 2.1 operating system. However, people can easily update their OS to Android 2.2, as the 2.2 version is known to have the most interesting features for an Android based phone. hat’s a major advantage from my point of view is that, when it comes to its interface, it is perfectly customizable, as users are allowed to set no more than 7 widgets, based only on their preferences.

Good connectivity options

As well, I must tell you that I was quite impressed of the connectivity capabilities that Galaxy i9000 comes with: for instance, network connections can be accessed via Bluetooth 3.0, Wi-Fi systems, features that are more than enough. Bluetooth 3.0 acts well and has an unbelievable transfer speed, as you will see for yourself if you will ever buy this phone. As well, in case you were wondering about quad-band 2G, and tri-band 3G, they are all on board.

HD movies but no LED flash

Finally, the last part of my review is related to the camera: Galaxy S comes with a respectable 5 mp camera that is capable of shooting pictures and recording in HD. However, I was more than disappointed to see that the phone lacks 100% any type of flash LED light. However, if the light conditions are the proper ones, you’ll see that the pictures are more than satisfying, and the camera does very well its job. The battery life too.

Review conclusion

That said, in order to take a conclusion, excepting the lack of the flash light, I couldn’t find any other major lacks or weak parts, therefore I was completely satisfied of Samsung Galaxy S i9000. From my part, on a scale from 1 to 10, one being the lowest and 10 the highest, I would award it with 9.5.

Technical specifications

* 5 megapixels
* AF
* Face detection and motion
* 4-inch AMOLED screen Super Swype
Network connectivity
* Quad (850-900-1800 -1900 MHz)
* 3G HSDPA +
* GPRS Class 10
* WIFI compatible with (s) network (s) 802.11B, G, N
* Flickr
* Google Search
* Google Talk
* YouTube