Samsung Galaxy Player 3.6


A gadget for the young generation

If when you go into a store to buy an alternative to a smartphone with the Android OS and you only see devices that are expensive or very expensive, there are manufacturers who also offer cheap models. Such a one is the Galaxy Player 3.6 designed by giant Samsung. The last time we checked, it had a price of only $149.99. This MP3 player is basic for the price it has, but is capable of good things if you allow it to show them to you. However, if the company wants this gadget to be appealing to its main target – teenagers -, then it should offer a better screen. Up next we’ll tell you more about how testing of this product went for this review.

3.6 inch LCD screen

Chancing upon a Samsung Galaxy Player 3.6, we saw that it looked exactly like how a budget-oriented phone would look. It is wrapped in plastic and features chrome and black as its two main colors. The rear is matte. The bottom panel sports a jack for connecting your favorite pair of headphones and a microUSB port. The MP3 player’s 4.2 ounces and its 4.6″ x 2.6″ x .4″ make it easy to just throw in the backpocket of your pants.Samsung-Galaxy-Player-3.6

When we checked its front next, we saw a 3.6″ LCD screen. The resolution revealed itself as being 480 x 320 pixels. If the resolution were higher, then the display would have been brighter. But it’s instead dim. Because it has Apple’s iPod touch as its rival, the screen on the Galaxy Player 3.6 should at least try and be better next time. Until then, you can always turn to the South Korean’s company Galaxy Player 4.2.

Cortex-A8 processor

But even if the display is not a champ, the battery is. In our tests we saw that it could hold up for a solid 8 hours and 20 minutes. And that was even when brightness was to its fullest. In comparison, the iPod touch can only muster an amount of 5 hours and 30 minutes with the same brightness turned up to its maximum.

Since there’s Bluetooth connection, the device puts it to very good use. And does a trick in the meantime. If you have a simpler phone, the latter can use the player as a Bluetooth headset. Once the Galaxy Player 3.6 is connected to that phone, if you answer calls with it you will as if you were using a smartphone. If you want to use the Internet, you can easily connect the MP3 player to your 802.11n network.

A 1GHz, single-core Cortex-A8 CPU is the sort that will run Android 2.3 as this device’s operating system. Because the screen has that low resolution, the processor turned a good performance compared with other reviewed MP3 players. So from this point of view, we can say that the display is a pro.

8GB internal storage

Games that are casual make the Galaxy Player 3.6 offer a good performance, too. Angry Birds, for example, looked good. Draw Something was equally fine. The device offers support for Flash 11, so even if browsing the net will be a bit problematic, at least there’s that.

In terms of memory, this MP3 player has 8GB of onboard memory. Once you remove the battery, you can also use the gadget’s microSD card slot. When we started the FM Radio, it at once began looking for stations. A mighty good pro. The two cams onboard don’t do much.

Review conclusion

Samsung’s Galaxy Player 3.6 is that device that stands for a smartphone and also a device that has a touchscreen and is able to run applications. And it doesn’t cost a fortune.