Samsung GALAXY Beam


A phone with projector

Samsung is the leader of the pack when it comes to bringing innovation about. Its gadgets have always had a more than impressive fascination with people of all nationalities. Not wanting to break that streak of quirkiness doubled with quality, here’s a new gadget from the South Koreans. The Galaxy Beam is a smartphone. But not any kind of smartphone: it sports a projector, of all things. People living in the UK: start saving money. Not that there’s an official price yet, but still, you never know. The product will come to you in April.

Comfortable design

The release of the Samsung Galaxy Beam deserved a review. So we tested this smartphone and then wrote what they revealed. To make sure the consumers don’t get mad, the Beam comes with rounded edges. That signified we had a very good gripping level. The yellow stripe that surrounds the phone is bright and brings a nice effect. It certainly doesn’t make the device look boring. We never once complained about its light; because it’s insignificant. Samsung’s other smartphones are way thinner than the Beam. But that’s alright, it still sits comfortably in a pocket. Of skinny jeans included. A little less thickness would have been more than welcome, though. But then again, Samsung might have spoiled us too much with its really thin phones for us to like thick ones. And then again, this is a phone with a projector inside, so

Breakable bulb

Speaking of which, this addition occupies a place into the product’s top. Throughout the test we opened it by clicking on a button situated on the device’s side. This projector is able to show whatever is on the smartphone’s screen. The bulb of this feature doesn’t pose issues if you want to replace it; it’s breakable. The resolution is not high definition. But as soon as we activated it, images appeared full of colors and brightness. The lights have to stay off if you want the best effect. And be sure to place the phone on a flat surface; that way you won’t see it pictures wobbling. Samsung is working on ways to make it possible to use the projector even when it doesn’t sit still. We used the latter for this review for about 2 hours and a half; we didn’t have to go and quickly charge the battery during that time.

4 inch display

Since the projector is the main star, the various other specs don’t get to star alongside it too much. There’s 4″ of screen, but the res is low. Also, no AMOLED on the horizon. The camera is less than what we’d have liked to see on a phone made by Samsung. That will influence the quality of the content projected.

The processor is not a resounding name. But the surprisingly pleasant surprise was that with it, the Beam moved fast. The 8GB translated into internal memory were plentiful for the needs we had. Sadly, your Ice Cream Sandwich fantasies aren’t fulfilled by this device. It’s only the 2.3 version of Android. Perhaps there will be one in the future. The UI doesn’t necessarily work badly. We got to activate the phone with our face. That easy.

Review conclusion

The Samsung Galaxy Beam confirms once more that technology has advanced a lot. And that Samsung is as clever as ever. This projector they included on the smartphone is a neat idea. It certainly makes things fresh. If you plan on buying the device just for that, you’re free to do so. But if you want a very good phone, you won’t get it with the Beam.

  1. Louis at 1:54 pm

    I am not sure but seem to be the brother of a 2010 model from Samsung. Am I right ? The projector looks great and I think is a good idea to have a portable one with you.