Samsung Galaxy 3 i5800


An easy to use smartphone

New Samsung Galaxy 3 i5800 is less powerful and also less expensive than the S Galaxy model. This is a smartphone powered by an Android 2.1 Operating System. On the default menu we can find included the next features: 3G technology + multi-touch display, Xvid and DivX player, Bluetooth 3.0, Wi-Fi n and integrated GPS.

Samsung launched last year a new Android smartphone: Galaxy 3, also known as i5800, tested and reviewed today. This phone is a midrange model less stringent than the Galaxy S. It retains some strengths. A couple of them are: a multitouch display and the latest version of Android (2.1) with Samsung TouchWiz 3.0 UI, advanced multimedia capabilities (such as direct reading of videos encoded in DivX or XviD). Other features are the opportunity to connect in several ways: in addition to 3G, there’s Wi-Fi b / g / n, Bluetooth 3.0 and GPS.

8.2-inch touch screen

Samsung-Galaxy-3-i5800In the Galaxy 3 i5800 we did not find the Super AMOLED technology which is available on the Samsung and the Wave Galaxy S. This screen is an ordinary TFT 8.13 cm (3.2 inches) and has a low definition of 230 x 400 points. The display is touch-enabled and has a multipoint capacitive technology.
The Galaxy 3 is equipped with a digital camera that features a 3MP resolution and autofocus, but no dedicated button for taking pictures. Images and videos are recorded in 320 x 240 points only, and that is far away from HD videos recorded by the Galaxy S. Besides its amount of memory, the device has an internal memory of 170 MB with the possibility to extend by adding a microSD card (up to 32 GB).

GPS included

This smartphone incorporates a digital compass, similar with the iPhone’s technology, and a GPS receiver with an A-GPS feature. Combined with the new free software Google Maps navigation, the Galaxy 3 i5800 becomes a real standalone GPS system able to guide you to your destination.

Swype technology

The i5800 smartphone also incorporates Swype, the revolutionary text entry system present on the keyboard of the Galaxy S, too. Simply fly the finger through the letters of the word that you want to write on the smartphone’s display and the text is automatically written. For example: “hello” appears in half a second in the test performed by our review team !
As Web browser you have one called One, available with the Android 2.1 OS. The smartphone is already capable to play Flash content until it will get a native free update to the Android Flash Manager 2.2. And the Galaxy 3 takes advantage of the growing library of software for Android; more than 50,000 applications are up to date.

With a lot of great features like: portable audio-video, full GPS, the Samsung Galaxy 3 i5800 is an interesting smartphone. It was launched in July 2010 in Europe and Asia. Its price is below 300 EUR (if you decide to take it without a subscription).

Positive points (pros)

* Multi point touchscreen with 8.13 cm;
* Capable to play XviD video files;
* Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 3.0 and GPS technologies included;
* Swype feature for fast text typing.

Negative points (cons)

* Low resolution of the display;
* The button to take photos is missing.

Technical specifications

Keyboard: no physical keyboard;
Operating System: Google Android 2.1;
Play Audio: Yes;
Video recording: Yes;

  1. Ricky at 4:54 am

    really where do i start…
    With Samsung having a great success over its big brother Galaxy S, I don’t see this anywhere a pin-hair close to that. Serious, this could go on of how bad this phone is but I wont even start on even a simple feature such as its buttons. Why did they even produce such rubbish, everything you don’t want with a smart phone; lag, bad connection (internet, calls), you don’t want it its got it. Don’t even waste your time & money on this piece of junk..