Samsung Freeform 4


A simple phone

Samsung remains one of the most creative manufacturers ever. They recently finished work on their latest smartphone, dubbed Freeform 4. It is a device which should quickly find place in the hands of consumers who are not fans of complex phones. Here is what we found while reviewing this model.

QWERTY keyboard

In an age where you won’t find many simple-looking smartphones, the Samsung Freeform 4 is a very welcome surprise. This product strays from the norm and comes with a very nice and straightforward design. Which means the following elements: bottom and top edges which are tapered and corners that aren’t square, but round. But we had some issues while holding the Freeform 4: it slipped because of the glossy finish on its rear. So be careful how you use it. The body of this phone is small, because it features the following measurements: 4.38″ x 2.38″ x 0.42″.

This model’s screen measures 2.4 inches. The 320 x 240 pixels are not enough to offer great menu icons. And this kind of resolution does not have those excellent viewing angles featured on other smartphones. But we experienced, during tests, great quality when it came to colors and brightness. Text was very easy to read. What sets this phone apart from the competition is the fact that it sports a keyboard of the QWERTY type. This will certainly be a pro for people who aren’t wild over touchscreens. But the con here is that you will need small fingers to get the best out of this keyboard.Samsung-Freeform-4

480MHz Qualcomm procesor

One camera is all you get with the Freeform 4 courtesy of Samsung. This type is able to take photos of decent quality photos and you get various settings to make them look better. Videos also look very usable. But there is a limitation: the manufacturer decided to restrict quality to Normal.

The processor on this phone is a 480MHz Qualcomm. The external storage and the internal memory that also come with this CPU are as follows: 32GB and 80MB. It might not seem much, but it is more than enough for such a phone. We managed to pack the device with many songs, clips and so on. From what we saw, there were no major lags. Menus replied quickly and navigation was smooth. The only problem we had was when we wanted to work with the incorporated browser. Which moved so very slowly. Loading time for various Internet pages was swift.

Good battery

The Freeform 4 boasts all kinds of managing applications. Some of them being these: Facebook, Bluetooth, Twitter, an alarm clock and so on.

This phone has great call quality. And its signal is also worthy of praise. Everything worked extremely well in our tests. People heard us without issues and we also heard them in the best possible way. The device did not drop calls. We heard no buzzing. And audio quality was not destroyed by unnecessary buzzing. The quality of the phone’s speaker was exemplary.

Because this is a device that is not as demanding as, say, an iPhone 4S, its battery can definitely last longer than Apple’s famous smartphone. For comparison’s sake, the battery provided us with 3 days of use. Talk time for this phone is 7 hours.

Review conclusion

South Korean Samsung offers those consumers who prefer simplicity over complexity the company’s newest phone: the Freeform 4. For a 2-year contract with American carrier U.S. Cellular, this model is free of charge and delivers impressive performance.