Samsung DA-E750


A new sound system arrives

South Korean manufacturer Samsung did it again. They spent a lot of quality time in their lab till they were finally ready to unveil something new. The DA-E750 is what resulted of their hard work. Can we just say that we liked it a lot while we were testing it? It’s a really top quality audio system which will make for a perfect addition to your room. See why we enjoy it so much from the next review.

Elegant finish

There are many gadgets which managed to make us drool over their looks. We are glad to report that the Samsung DA-E750 also made it on that list. But then again, did the company ever make a horrendous-looking device in the past? This model we put through our usual tests will rock your socks design-wise. It may look simple at first, but its body has a very elegant finish which was polished by hand. It feels heavy, which is awesome. Because it means that it will not fall to the ground at the slightest touch. The build quality is simply great. You won’t want to take this device back to the shop you bought it from. But there is a thing that’s lacking: a display panel. However, you won’t miss it that much.

While the audio systems that are in direct rivalry with the DA-E750 seem to have fewer features than consumers would want, the model we present today comes with plenty of possibilities. Which include, for instance, a way to listen to music however you want. And that is due to the device’s support for the following 3 stars which made a great combo: Bluetooth, AllShare and AirPlay. Another very important feature is a dock which offers duality. Meaning that it can work with gadgets made by both Apple and Samsung’s Galaxy smartphone. Isn’t that great? It sure is.Samsung-DA-E750

Good sound provided

Then you have a third excellent feature. Namely a technology that ties a vacuum and a digital tube amp together. This allegiance results in even greater – if that’s possible – sound quality. Finally, the DA-E750 boasts something which is a bit of a con. The USB port would have been put to very good use if this audio system would have offered some serious file support coming from gadgets using USB connectivity. There is no compatibility with the following: external hard-disk drives, AAC, WAV and FLAC.

Once you start to play with this gadget, you will see that there is absolutely no difficulty in using it. Everything is made so that you won’t ever get lost.

Needless to say, the type of sound quality delivered by this baby is one that will also rock your socks. Every kind of music genre sounds very well. Once we reverted to the system’s Bass mode, songs had plenty of richness. Speaker docks that compete against the DA-E750 should take a leaf out of it and deliver the same quality. Even when we played a song from our phone to using Bluetooth, the sound quality remained excellent.

Review conclusion

We will never grow tired of saying that the Samsung DA-E750 is definitely a hit for the company. This audio system is a great combination of awesome sound quality mixed with looks to kill. And in-between there are equally great features to review in your free time. So give this product a try. We guarantee you will not regret doing so.