Samsung Chat 335


For people addicted to social networks

With a real keyboard instead of a virtual one, with Wi-Fi capabilities and applications dedicated to social media, this smartphone was launched by Samsung to make people able to communicate fast and easy.


Recently, old classic mobiles seem to have been replaced by smartphones. However, the former type of phone is still trying to stay alive. The new Samsung [email protected] 335 (Chat 335 or GT-S3350) seems to have relatively basic functions compared to devices from today’s market. It’s a good choice for the younger generation because the phone has features and functions for people who love to communicate. The phone features a real keyboard and fast access to social networks. A the same time the Chat 335 has a Wi-Fi entry level BlackBerry Faced. Apparently, this phone seems not to have enough power to be a good competitor to other models from the market. Is it enough to be bought by many people ? Better read this review !


samsung-chat-335Because it’s compact and very light (just 99 grams), the new [email protected] 335 has a design that is in many ways similar to the BlackBerry Curve 8520. The device is not very impressive, but it has a good advantage: it is made in good taste and this thing will be a good advantage for the Samsung company. The phone included the major advantage of RIM’s Mobile technology. The keyboard is fixed (instead of the standard touch screen technology) and is placed under the display. The keys are pleasant and easy to access. Typing goes without problems. Connectivity means a standard microUSB connector, a 3.5mm stereo jack and a microSD card slot for the transfer of files via a micro SD card.

You must know that the phone comes, in its default configuration, without a memory card or wireless USB adapter. If you need to have files in the phone you must buy a microSD card or an SD card reader. You cannot listen to music without these in your copy of the phone. Samsung says that the Chat 335 is made for communications, not for multimedia capabilities.

Impressive battery life

At the autonomy chapter, the new Samsung [email protected] 335 seems to have a good advantage. It has a small display, wireless network compatibility is limited to EDGE and there’s a good battery with 1000 mAh capacity ! In tests we were able to talk for about 13 hours and the phone was able to play videos for about 7 hours and 30 minutes. But during the time we did that, the Wi-Fi network was disabled. The device is able to connect to GSM networks when there’s low level of signal and its display is bright (about 305 cd/m2) with good colors.

As for multimedia, this phone is not perfect and is not able to fight with phones dedicated to these tasks. The camera sensor has about 2 MP and is able to snap relatively good pics. The display of the phone is about 6 cm, a small value compared to other phones from the market. Its video capturing capabilities are very limited to just 176 x 144 pixels, which is a weakness in this time and age. The phone has FM radio and you can listen to music with it. The headphones are not very good and we suggest you to change them as soon as you can.

Great social media capabilities

Even the multimedia chapter is not a strong point for the [email protected] 335, because the phone seems to be different with its abilities in communication functions. The phone uses a real keyboard and it’s a very easy one. The keyboard is good for typing messages in a fast way. You have full access to mobile features such as mail client applications and you have the possibility to access all the most important social networks of the moment. You can access your Facebook and Twitter accounts. You can also use instant messaging like MSN and Yahoo! Messenger.

The phone has an app / browser called NetFront. With it you can navigate the web, preferably in Wi-Fi mode, because the GPRS / EDGE isn’t able to offer enough speed for transfer of date in real time. The Chat 335 has a trackpad which seems to simplify optical navigation (without touch screen) by moving a pointer on the screen’s surface. This feature requires some skill, but you will become an expert in web navigation in a very short time. Another weakness is the small dimension of the phone’s screen. That’s very frustrating when you need to browse the Internet for longer periods of time.

Review conclusion

After our test we can say that we have the following conclusion for you. The phone has a good autonomy and good features for communicating with friends and family. The keyboard is good and easy to use and you have fast access to SMS, e-mail and social networks. Wi-Fi and Edge are included in the phone’s features, a good thing if you need to pay less for web navigation. The new Samsung [email protected] 335 offers good capabilities at the communication chapter. The only weak point is made of the the multimedia abilities.

Technical specifications

Operating SystemSystem Owner
Screen TechnologyTFT
Resolution Width in Pixel1600
Resolution Height in Pixel1200
Vertical Resolution240
Horizontal resolution320
Integrated CameraYes
Integrated RadioFM
Talk Time (H)12 hours
Standby time (in days)21.6
Total weight93 g

  1. civi at 10:46 am

    Hello… bought samsung chat 335 a week ago… but i’m having problems with the battery… it will only last in 2 and a half days… Someone told me to charge it first for 12 hours but i didn’t do it cuz’ im afraid the phone might get dmaged… so does it really mean that i have to charge it for 12 hours?

  2. civi at 10:47 am

    am with a quite minimal usage

  3. vivienne at 5:48 am

    Hey i’m going to buy samsung chat 335 and i want to know when you buy the mobile do you find the micro usb cable? Or you have to buy it seperate. A friend of mine bought the samsung chat 332 and she had to buy the cable seperate

    • raj at 3:37 am

      plz do not buy Samsung chat 335… it’s a bull shit …it has a lot of problems… it has signal problems
      i bought it in July 2011 and till now i took it 4 times to Samsung service center…and the services of Samsung is also bad…

  4. beckie at 8:35 pm

    I have purchased a Samsung [email protected] 335 in white and was wondering if the left hand side of the keyboard is not meant to light up as brightly as the right hand side, this sounds like a stupid question but I want to know before I send it back and have to wait forever for an exchange…