Samsung C27A550U


Samsung is one of the most widely recognized manufacturers. The majority of their gadgets are very good ones. The C27A550U is another model which has already – and it’s going to – gained a lot of fans. And with good reason. This monitor has all sorts of pros which make using it a real pleasure. That is what happened to us when we tested it. The review that follows will tell you all about it.

Interesting features

But the first step is to add here the specifications that the Samsung C27A550U features. And it goes like this: a 27″ screen, 2ms response time, 1920 x 1080 pixels, 16.7 million colors, Mega DCR (Static 3000:1) contrast ratio, 170°/160° viewing angle and 300cd/㎡ of brightness. This new monitor weighs 5.2kg. Its dimensions are the following: 638.6 mm x 485.4 mm x 232.8 mm. It is definitely not that difficult to carry it with both hands and move it around your house.

Its looks are nice. Black is the color that it ships in. The stand is solid, so this device will not tumble down if you start pushing the table or desk where it is placed. The monitor consumes 42.8W and it comes with an external adapter.

As for features, Samsung chose a lot of possibilities for its newest monitor. Like Dual Hinge Stand, Auto Power On/Off, auto configuration, Samsung MagicBright3, Customized Key and many more. One of the most important ones are those which mind the environment.Samsung-C27A550U

USB 3.0 connectivity

Connectivity options are also plenty. But the main attraction is a USB 3.0. In fact, the C27A550U is the first product of its kind to feature such a port. Thanks to this, the device is able to transfer a 276GB movie file in a total time amount of only 1 minute and 5 seconds. How is that for excellence? And everything works in a very flowing fashion without issues. If you own a mobile gadget, this port is also able to charge it. And there is also a USB Hub that is integrated in this monitor. This option means that the user can throw her or his docking station away.

The Dual Hinge Stand enabled us to have the best viewing experience. Because it helped us chose the best position for this monitor and, by extension, us. We could place the Samsung C27A550U anywhere and concentrate on a task or several at hand.

Eco Savings included

Another feature of this product is called Mega Dynamic Contrast Ratio. With its aid, the device’s screen looked very good while watching different content. Levels of black were very deep, colors were delivered in a beautiful manner, clarity was one of the best we have ever seen and brightness was excellent.

The auto configuration feature transforms performance into something that looks even better. After we found a USB connection, this function did everything for us. That way, we did not lose precious time doing it by ourselves.

Some of us want to make sure that we leave a clean environment for the future generations. And there are products which help us do that. This model also does it. This monitor’s Eco Savings along with another featured called Auto Power On/Off bring their contributions in a significant manner. While the former option auto adjusts the device’s brightness, the latter turns on a unique mode whenever the user is not around and he/she left the monitor on.

Review conclusion

Samsung is bringing another monitor to our attention. The company’s C27A550U is something that should not be missed when you go shopping for such a product.