Samsung BD-E6100


A blu-ray player at a great price

South Korean Samsung does not always think of producing the most expensive gadgets. Like a smart company does, it also thinks of the little people who are not CEOs or some other categories who earn a lot of money they don’t know what to do with it. This is what their BD-E6100 is reputed for: great price. After that come the following attributes: good image quality, solid set of features and very nice looks. We liked its description and so we put it through some tests. What they showed us can be found in this review.

Compact design

Samsung is introducing, with this BD-E6100, its first series of home-cinema. This is a Blu-ray which should not be thought of as bad just because it is cheaper than others. The device is the perfect example of how much we are wrong to consider a budget gadget as bad only because it costs little.

What draws in from a first brief look at the Samsung BD-E6100 is its slim frame. The weight is still more consistent than others’ Blu-rays. That will be forgotten once you get to see how compact the product truly is. Its black brushed-metal finish has the effect of plastic and yet is loads attractive to look at. On the front panel there is no disc slot; and also no display panel sensitive to the user’s touch. The trade-off consists of buttons that are large.Samsung-BD-E6100

Good file compatibility

We did not expect this Blu-ray to feature an extensive array of connectivity options. And those expectations turned into reality during tests performed by our review team. What this device has in terms of ports and so in are one Ethernet port, one USB port, coaxial S/PDIF outputs and one HDMI port. You will feel, thus, restricted in what you can watch on this Blu-ray. The USB port Things would have been more flexible if Samsung would have added one component output. In our quest for seeing which file formats are supported, we discovered these options: XviD, MKAV, MP4, DivX, AVI and H.264 content. That is quite something if we remember that this is a Blu-ray player that is not expensive.

The Samsung BD-E6100 has built-in Wi-Fi. That was a great treasure to come across. This option makes it a complete breeze to use a Smart Hub Smart TV and check all your online activities.

Parental controls included

The interface of the unit has, of course, stayed the same. There is this one main screen. And it shows each of the pre-installed apps. If you want to find something in particular, there is a universal search option; using it will help locate what you are after. The App Store made by Samsung is the very place where you can find all sorts of applications to use later on. Worried about your weight? Well, the device section called Fitness. Family Story is the one that made us the most curious. This is a manner via which one can store digital pics. Then share them with whomever.

Parental controls are another offering. So your kids will not see what they shouldn’t. And it also features some games for them to play.

Review conclusion

The Samsung BD-E6100 is not a Blu-ray that will revolutionize the world. Even so, this product is a good one. It is an entry-level model, but that does not really show. It sports good features and a decent performance.