Samsung BD-D5500‎


A new 3D blu-ray player

The Samsung BD-D5500 is a Blu-ray player which comes with a very attractive price tag and offers 3D support but has some negative aspects as well, like it doesn’t have built-in WiFi, has less attractive design and it is awful slow at start up. We chose to review this model or mainly two reasons: one, because we liked the previous BD-D5700 and wanted to make a comparison between them and two, because it has a low price and people might consider it an option if they are on a tight budget. The Blu-ray player offers a good variety of apps and services, but the lack of built-in WiFi means you have to take some extra money from your pocket in order to have access to them.

Long booting time

The first thing we noticed when we began our test on the Samsung BD-D5500 was its tardiness. The player takes much longer time at start up than we’ve seen with others, including its sibling, the BD-D5700. Anyway, after we waited almost 30 seconds to boot up, we had to wait another 20 seconds or so to load the disc and a few more to actually start playing the content. There was a lot of waiting going on at the beginning of our article, which meant a quite disappointing start.Samsung-BD-D5500‎

Anyway, the actual performance of the BD-D5500 while playing the Blu-ray discs was acceptable, showing the same problems we’ve seen before, like some signs of image shaking with 24fps and little signs of artifacts with the 30fps films. These issues weren’t significant though, and we’ve also seen them while testing other Blu-ray players as well.

Online video streaming included

Comparing our review model with the mentioned BD-D5700 we’d say that up conversion was a lot more impressive on the BD-D5700, as well as the bigger speed while start up, but what actually saves the day for the BD-D5500 is its 3D support. The 3D movies we viewed were displayed without problems and images looked sharp and nice, just as we wanted. Also, 2D image were again delivered accordingly, the only thing that bothered being the average DVD-up conversion.

Another thing we liked about the BD-D5500 and which contributes to the positive ranking is the existence of Smart Hub. This is actually an interface offering you access to many online services like video streaming, games, puzzles, social networking sites and other Samsung apps. These include, among the most common, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, LoveFilm, Box Office 365, Google Maps and some BBC services like BBC News and BBC iPlayer.

Multiple formats compatible

If you need more you can search in the app store, install them and afterwards organize them as you wish. The Samsung BD-D5500 offers support for a variety of formats like DivX HD, XviD, AVI, WMV, WMA, AVCHD, JPEG, MP3 and also MKV, and the beauty of it is that you can also play them directly from a USB memory stick.

As for its design, as we said, is not very attractive. It is old-fashioned but this doesn’t necessarily mean it’s a bad thing. There is no motorized slot for inserting the discs but a normal disc tray, and it has a rectangular slim shape. On the front, besides the disc tray, there is also a touch-sensitive display panel which includes Stop, Play/Pause, Menu, and Eject buttons that can be seen while the device is on. It measures 1.5 x 16.9 x 8.3 inch and weighs 3.8 pounds, but unless you will be carrying it around this is of lesser importance.

Review conclusion

As we said in the beginning of this article, we chooser the BD-D5500 also for its small price. We’d say that this blu-ray player is a good choice if you really want something cheap but which includes 3D, otherwise, the BD-D5700 would be a far better choice.

Technical specifications

Touch Sensor ControlYes
Fast Booting and Loading TimeYes
Search NowYes
Media HubYes
Dolby True HD DecoderYes
Component Video2 Channel
1 Optical Digital Audio Outputs
3D Enabled
2 Channel Audio Output
1 HDMI Output
Compatible discs
Shipping Size (W x H x D)19.8″ X 3.5 “X 11.3”
Product Size (W x H x D)16.9″ x 1.5″ x 8.3″
Shipping Weight (lbs.)5.7